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Jurassic world 2

A note on the hard learning required for moderation

There is a lot of self-flattery in amusement parks–we like to believe we can withstand danger without a heart-attack. But we’re spectators–we are not doing anything, it is not at all obvious whether we would nobly protect or sacrifice, should it come to that, or […]

Jurassic world 1

Some notes on progress & danger

This story grants everything that the maker of the park in the original wanted & suggests success would doom the enterprise. There are several reasons, but primarily, the democratic desire for novelty makes it difficult to keep showing people awesome things–they do not make a dent & they […]

Jurassic park

Learning about chaos

You can usually trust Mr. Spielberg to fix on something that really scares people, that shocks them out of complacency for a spell, & make it into a family movie–the sort of spectacle people leave feeling somewhat uneasy, but, all things considered, glad to have gone through it all, even a […]


The slaughter in the police station & the dream about terminators infiltrating human bunkers in the future are both about what it is to be human & whether humanity can be defended when you can no longer tell what it is to be human. It’s possible that in the future only dogs can tell friend […]


#4 Every man a natural thief

Kyle Reese finds himself in a similar situation, but does not kill people. In his case, it is obvious that law & survival are not going to be reconciled–you cannot simply come out of nowhere & ask people what year it is.

He has recourse to concealment & stealing–that […]


Things you learn killing people

The Terminator starts like the old Adam, naked & alone. He soon proceeds to force people to give him clothes, so he can be like people. Prosperity might teach us we can share, but not necessity. Fighting & killing emerges in this story out of speeches, out of giving orders. […]


#2 Sarah Connor is a woman without family, almost without a friend, who cannot seem to get a date & seems to get in the way of other people’s dates, living in a city where the days are boring work & the nights can be quite scary, not to say thrilling–she is going to have […]

Notes on Terminator #1

What’s the problem with immortality?

Sarah Connor learns she’s going to give birth to the man who will save mankind–one who really is coming to bring the sword, not peace. That resembles to the archangel coming to Mary to announce the coming of the Christ.

Before she even learns about all this, however, she sees […]


O stranger go tell the Spartans that here lie they who obeyed your laws.

This is the story of the man who tells men: You had your whole life to prepare for this moment. Why aren’t you ready? Scott trains Army Rangers. He wants to see which men devote their lives to America. Curtis, […]