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Avengers: Age of Ultron 2

The possibility of home & defense Some notes on how we understand saving the world

It’s possible that the Avengers are sterile–only one of them has kids & a wife. His family is hidden from the city; there is only so much modernity one can take. He’s got more to lose than any of […]

Avengers: Age of Ultron 1

The age of heroes Some notes on the way chaos & order are understood

Order depends on our ability to repeat ourselves. Movie sequels do that–like genre–like happy ends. One consequence of order is dulling our attention to changes, because repetition does not look like it achieves anything. We can get away with not […]

The tale of princess Kaguya 2

The suitors of the princess

Five noblemen come to the princess to ask her to marry them. They have heard of this girl’s beauty & want to acquire it for themselves. They are competing over fantasies & they naturally have recourse to fantasies themselves. They do not expect that they are lovable in the […]

The tale of princess Kaguya 1

The image of the princess & the needs of the baby

One day, an old woodcutter finds a bamboo tree sprout in front of him, opening up to show a small doll that looks like a princess. As aware of the mysterious things beyond human comprehension as anyone, he abases himself in fear. Soon, […]

Rear window 3

Can charm & refinement make for happiness?

The end of the story resembles the beginning, but it shows that the hope for modern individualism is an admittedly changed form of the old-fashioned marriage. The dancer is reunited with her army guy, presumably back from Korea & hungry. The melancholy woman tames her dark designs […]

Rear window 2

Why should a man live in the modern world?

Jeff is neither blind nor immune to the charms of a beautiful woman–he has somehow succeeded in attaching the affection of fair lady–Lisa Carol Fremont. You have this town in the palm of your hand, he says; not quite, it seems, she answers. Why is […]

Rear window 1

One day a guy looks out the window & sees the social revolution coming

Jeff, our protagonist, has the chance to learn a few things about America he never knew. We’ll talk about Jeff in the sequel, for now it will suffice to say he is remarkably detached from American life–he’s one of those […]

The 39 steps

The terrible truth about dangers to our way of life Some notes on the problem we have making sense of political crimes

Hitchcock made a habit of directing stories about spies. This offered him a plausible excuse for the introduction of immoral deeds & speeches. Hannay, the protagonist, is mistaken for a murderer. The […]

Silicon valley ii.1

On progress

Mostly, the problem this time is strangely about how people find it hard to talk. One reason is, they’re afraid of what they might say; another is, there is a lot to lose if you say what you want; finally, there is also a problem with the kind of man you are, […]