Table of contents

Big hero 6

A funny story about how science & playful invention can help evil men murder & destroy a city, but it works out in the end A rather disarming show that the liberal answer to terrorists is to love them

The effective truth of the story is that terrorism works & that any man sufficiently […]

The Grand Budapest Hotel

A look at the world when it was brilliant Some notes on the death of Old Europe

This was a kingdom of glory. It was splendid. Beauty mattered; manners mattered more than mores – neither matters much these days. People who think skyscrapers beautiful could not look back to the happy age before the […]

Get on up

A view of the brilliant man Some notes on the origin of democratic music

How do you feel about the popular music of the last several decades? One man in the last two generations is responsible for all these changes – James Brown. Rock music has come & gone, but this man still exerts […]

American sniper 2

A note in defense of the warrior class On the pleasures of moral virtue

Two kinds of objections have been brought against this story. The moral objection is that the man of war loves war &, therefore, is neither human nor sacrificing. Polemicists do not use that objection against their own & seem to […]


How to be lonely & endure misery

The boy wants to become a great musician. He looks maladroit; is unable to look at people or talk with them. He has all the bashfulness of youth without much of the warmth of heart or love of the various pleasures that youth chases. It makes sense […]

American sniper 1

A note on a story about battleborn freedom The vision of the angel of death

The movies have given us nothing of any importance on the politics or the history of the War on Terror. Now, Clint Eastwood gives us the first good look at the man of war. Chris Kyle is already a […]

The hobbit: The battle of the five armies

A note on home & wealth

We should be surprised how quickly the dragon dies, though not how quickly he incinerates a city. The problem is not as simple as the dragon or what the survivors will do to build a home. The daring expedition to kill him is meant to restore the dwarfs […]


A note about the need for redemption in the face of death

An LA policeman is sent to Alaska to solve a murder. He has made a reputation bringing to justice people who do the unthinkable. Someone in LA is trying to make his reputation destroying this strange hero. Would that prove there is […]


On the uses & disadvantages of justice for life

Leonard shows us that being a human being depends on getting justice. This looks like revenge, & then again it does not… Justice is about man’s relation to the world, too – if the whole of which we are parts is indifferent or hostile to […]