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Medicine man 3

A hint of redemption

The biography of our protagonist is interesting. It is offered us in allusion. This kind of compression is required because of our modern, apolitical lives. There is no scene on which this man can shine. As an object of art, he cannot offer us a totality of effect. We get […]

Medicine man 2

Human things in the forest

Soul emerges from this double humbling of mind. This is the necessary protection for mind & from mind. Our protagonist is also a sketch artist – his drawings, time-stamped, are memories of a suffering which he viewed dispassionately, though he felt the guilt – the terrible suffering that goes […]

Medicine man 1

Men & science

Is a miracle without proof only a miracle? The man who cuts down the forest says so; that gives political urgency to the story. The poet only faces us with that kind of brutality after we see that miracles without proof lead men & women in search of the proof: This […]


First, we see Aubrey, a young American girl pushed by her French lover out of the apartment. He’s left her, more callous than cruel. Then we see too-earnest Jimmy & Hall, mocked by gold-coat girl Vicky – she is a somebody, they are nobodies. She cannot conceive Frenchmen, they are chasing after French […]

Damsels in distress

Love in the democratic college

Seven Oaks is a highly exclusive college where young men & women have recently been allowed to attend together, wherefore they have proceeded to turn it into barbarian pleasures, depression, & suicide prevention centers. Love is nearly wiped out, it would seem, but for the efforts of too earnest […]

Last days of disco

Finding love after the ‘summer of love’

This is a story about dancing coming back to America. Again, there would be youths in society, dancing, having fun, & drinking, & looking for love. Youth believes pleasure is the road to happiness. Youth lacks, however, in good judgment & democratic youth neither knows nor wants […]


Love fighting against anti-Americanism

Cousins Ted & Fred seek love in Barcelona at the end of the Cold War. Ted knows the place – promiscuous women & rampant, ignorant anti-Americanism. Fred says, it’s known that anti-Americanism is based in sexual impotence & anti-Nato is for-Soviets racing across Europe eating all the croissants. Fred is […]


Love in the high class

Audrey Rouget is a debutante. Metropolitan is the story of her group of friends in the season she came out – that is, into society. Audrey has a good education & rather good judgment. She has no experience, however. This story is a conflict between judgment & experience. She […]


This story should be called A bear with no teeth in it.

Here’s a delightful movie for kids, which either is describing or attempting to create the world in which they live. I want to take a few notes on the fight between oligarchy & democracy. The story is set in our times, but […]