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Interstellar 3

A few notes on love, by way of apology

I have tried to say a few things about how we tend to get the question about wisdom wrong – we sell men of action short, we are too easy about trusting scientists to know what to do. But the contest is not merely about […]

Interstellar 2

The proof of heroism in story through crisis Some notes on the meaning of wisdom

Cooper has to deal with a number of scientists who lie to him. All these people show you the problem with the tyranny of the wise – it requires abandoning consent as a political principle, which means it requires […]

Interstellar 1

A story about how heroism means caring about what’s good for people Some notes on the relation between manliness & hope, & how science might be compatible with piety

Sci-fi stories are imaginations about the future of mankind, whether good or bad. – Survival vs. destruction. Happy end or not. Hope vs. despair or […]


A story about what can keep men from turning into beasts

Fury is the proper reaction to Nazis. American soldiers kill whatever Germans they can in the fights; they do take prisoners, except that they hate SS troops especially, who hang children, among other things. Germans are hateful because they cause Americans to do […]

The grandmaster 4

A note on the possibility of theory in the martial art

The aristocrats of the old regime were not productive creatures. They enjoyed life’s pleasures at the expense of others, as if they deserved pleasure & not toil. Their very importance put burdens on other people, for the sake of convention. The consent of […]

The grandmaster 3

A note on tradition

The purpose of the story is to offer a sustained look at the life of a master. Such a man is rare & on him much depends. The society we see before it is destroyed is based on inequality. The justice of inequality depends ultimately on the figure of the […]


A show of the weakness of the middle-class

In the time of Romantic writers, novels were written about women who grow so bored with their bourgeois husbands, that they would rather live lawless lives of adultery – looking for love in all the wrong places, no doubt – & then die. Times have changed; […]


A world ruled by desire

Mike Judge asks us to consider a future in which people can no longer tell that you need to water plants in order for them to grow. All awareness of nature could be wiped out from us, apparently. What is man in that future? A perfect consumer, that is […]

Office space

The knock of opportunity

Peter Gibbons realizes after a series of trying events that man was not made to live in a cubicle. He proceeds to lead a conspiracy to embezzle funds from the corporation that employed him. He eventually gets a job as a construction worker, which he seems to enjoy. He prefers […]