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Ray Donovan i.12

How family comes back together

This is where Mickey loses his family – Bunchy says, it’s just a lot of bad things have happened since you’ve come. Abby finally has had enough of him, too, because of what he let happen to Ray. She says, Ray was right, you’re the wolf. He kids her […]

Ray Donovan i.11

Can family wash blood?

Bunchy shoots the priest who raped him, who tries to lie to his dying breath. It’s not just godlessness, but he’s got bad luck, too. Now, Ray has to deal with this. Terry’s adulterous girl now sees the soon-to-be corpse. Then Mickey’s black kid. The Donovan’s are into expansion the […]

Ray Donovan i.10

How family falls apart

Abby finally tells Ray she is behind Mickey’s coming to LA – Ray had only asked why she didn’t trust him, her husband, why she always defends his father. Abby believes Mickey has changed or that he never needed to change. Now, husband & wife are enemies because they disagree […]

Ray Donovan i.9

On individualism & celebrity

Mickey wants to build a new life for himself in Hollywood – the old life he wanted back before jail – movie glory. Celebrity is like moral authority, but without the downside. It is luxury, not sacrifice. The policeman wants him to throw it all away so he can throw […]

Ray Donovan i.8

On the softness of individualism

The girl Ray named for his sister, Bridget, rebels against the family & runs away. Just like her namesake. It might look like today’s Americans are spoiled. They are certainly soft; the prosperity is certainly unprecedented in world history. But Americans have always wanted independence & so American parents […]

Ray Donovan i.7

On the origin of individualism in the family

The black kid finds out his mother died. He storms into Ray’s house accusing him, with a gun in back of his jeans. This is Ray’s fault – he gave her the money to release the boy. Ray understands immediately how she got herself killed, just […]

Ray Donovan i.6

Facing evil

The Ray Donovan life of action comes to a troubling string of failures. Whatever his past successes may have been, now his boy is lying to him, getting drunk & taking drugs with his drunkard brother while his daughter is out who knows where – he pistol-whips, but dares not shoot Mickey […]

Ray Donovan i.5

Facing evil with a gun

Ray’s boy, Connor, tells him, why should I be grounded because I hit some kid who deserved it? – Grounding is what American parents do to teach their children what life is like in Africa, just like when they sponsor an African kid for the price of soda. This […]

Ray Donovan i.4

On the uses & disadvantages of justice & respectability for life

His wife, Abby, wants her kids in a good school, where abject characters can spit on them while the lofty ideals of academia are declaimed by people who sell wisdom for fortune. This doesn’t have the perversity of therapy going for it, but […]