Table of contents

The Expandables III 2

On the need to remember the origins Some notes on the injustice involved in the art of war

Let us now think about the story the other way around. All of this happens because Stonebanks pretended to die, but did not die. His superiority to Ross in terms of deception is extraordinary. Stonebanks does […]

The Expendables III 1

On the need to replace the old by the young Some notes on the necessary dishonor of political life

Let us think about how this story unfolds. Barney Ross, mercenary extraordinary, throws out his Expendables team in favor of a new team, in order to destroy his oldest enemy, who is also his oldest […]

The expendables 4

Just war Some notes on the piety required for a founding of freedom

This is the obvious action movie, of which all others are pale images. The crisis underlying any action movie is a crisis of justice. Now, we understand that justice fundamentally is founding or saving a nation.

For the first time, we […]

The expendables 3

Men at war Some notes on the mysterious change in America that led to the transformation of warriors into mercenaries

Men are harsh creatures who live with war; to fight together, they must quickly come to agreement on all practical things. But our heroes are old; their anger no longer makes them feel invincible. […]

Dirty Harry 5

Why does Harry sacrifice?

Much like Christ, Harry might die for our sins. His willingness, however, is not the whole story – unlike Christ, he is not unarmed. & our sins have less to do with God than with cowardice. Nevertheless, Christ had followers, whereas Harry is almost alone. The three times Harry confronts […]

Dirty Harry 4

Why does not Harry offer a plan?

Maybe the problem is the strange power of political correctness. The policy disagreement between the mayor & Harry turns on noticing what’s going on in front of you, as opposed to the news or the laws. Evil cannot be mentioned – Harry treats these people with contempt, […]

Dirty Harry 3

Why is punishment necessary?

We have seen that Harry stands against the modern opinion, that you can rationalize human life. Paying criminals would bring them back into the civil society. But all citizens must see this as tyranny: Might makes right. The public monies should ransom the public peace? Liberalism now pushes its innovations […]

Dirty Harry 2

Why should anyone break reasonable laws?

The next thing we have to figure is how Harry draws the line. His aloofness suggests, he is no servant. He obeys orders up until he doesn’t anymore. How does he know when he has gone beyond the laws? The end of the story depends on a conflict […]

Dirty Harry 1

Why is the law enforcement officer called dirty?

The policemen talk about why Harry is nicknamed ‘dirty’. A guy on the force says, it’s because Harry hates everybody – one ethnic slur after another. Can a hateful man do justice? His new partner wonders whether he’s called dirty because he spies on people’s private […]