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Guardians of the galaxy 2

How democratic heroism is about dealing with suffering

I have given some thought to the team of heroes. If you think about them, the fact that they can never seem to die may be a curse. Two have lost their families to enemies they cannot reasonably hope to vanquish, one is the result of […]

Lego movie

How democracy needs to keep freedom & change

This is one of those kids stories that kids would not understand, because it is part of the adult world where our differences of opinions turn into political conflicts. The political conflict here is a comedy – in the world of lego, an oligarch is turning […]

Guardians of the galaxy 1

How democracy conquers the universe

I usually try to say something about what makes a movie different to others of its kind, because it takes more attention to detail, less speculation, & rewards two hours of watching something better. This, however, feels like a movie where something happens, then someone explains it, obvious as […]

Good will hunting

This is the movie that won Robin Williams the Oscar. Like long ago happened, the Oscar went to the man who saves America. This is not common practice anymore…

If you want to understand the story, just think of Will Hunting as a madman in the making, a man whose great talents & great […]

Teenage mutant ninja turtles (2014)

Kids, family, black people, & 9/11

This is fun for today’s kids. Thrills without suffering, heroism without suffering, democracy without suffering, & no hard choices or moral conflicts. They are likely to like it – it is what adults seem to think kids think adventure might be… Imagine The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as […]

Inception 2

Death in-between world & ideas

The way this story ends is, the dreamer has to lie to this man who might end up ruling the world. The difference in excellence between the two is itself shocking. The dreamer is strangely benevolent. Maybe he just needs to get the job done to get back to […]

Inception 1

The problem with freedom is innovation Trying to save humanity from science again

This story is about our future, when corporations take over everything. Without much talk of productivity & its problems, the story implies technology has taken over our lives. Hence, the creative people have turned to crime & to dream, as opposed […]

Dark city 2

How to save your soul

The story only happens when science gets around to playing with evil, which we fear without necessarily desiring the power to fight. We even suspect power might be evil. We suspect, there are limits to what we can do without debasing ourselves. This is hard to grasp – soul […]

Dark city 1

A vision of the night of the world

This is the story of a man who wakes up gradually to the realization that his life is not real, because his world is not real. But we all live our lives depending on the reliability of our memories. We live lives of memory more than […]