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Hercules (2014)

I know people will say this is just a stupid blockbuster; I cannot really defend it, but here are a few of the troubles with this story that would apply to any similar story, stupid or smart. In fact, in looking at heroism from the perspective of individualism, it’s quite revealing…

Hercules is the […]

Ray Donovan i.3

How evil works for the greater good

You get the sense that everyone Ray’s helped is busy trying to destroy him. Well, people need a lot of things & neediness they don’t take lightly. Or it might all work out once people realize that he’s always giving them a choice & his example is […]

Ray Donovan i.2

How the family went to hell, & why they’re rich

Ray’s father, Mickey, is out of jail. Apparently, Ray put him there & his Jewish partners were in on it. The man’s a monster, what manliness looks like when individualism is no longer checked. He teaches his drunkard boy to snort cocaine. He teaches […]

Ray Donovan i.1

How evil does the work

Ray is the man to call if you have a dead hooker – cocaine – in your hotel room & you can afford it. He saves a basketball player’s career, or at least prevents a messy scandal. Probably the hotel management wants to know about it as little as […]

Ray Donovan, a few notes

A few notes on faith & fear

Ray Donovan offers people salvation. At first glance, this means that rich people can buy their way out of the ugly consequences of their ugly actions. Getting what you want is trouble, it keeps you busy sorting out what that is. You do not need a conscience […]

Silicon Valley i.8

The imperative of productivity & the possibility of the new

Richard faces up to the problems created by technology. It’s not enough to love to study, to think, to learn, or even to make things. You have to make a product that people want, for whatever reason. If you cannot understand what they want, […]

Silicon Valley i.7

How technology is going to save democracy

Two of the programmers are persuaded by a pretty girl to write code for her. This is a democracy, so she is willing to have sex with the Pakistani boy – he’s a very nice guy. But he enters a crisis regarding eros. He is very attracted […]

Silicon Valley i.6

The curse of individualism

Jared is off to get some signatures & learns that the reclusive libertarian billionaire is building his own island. Ah, lonely freedom. He is offered a ride in a driverless car which, he learns to his surprise, takes him to that island. There, he sees the machines building a new […]

Edge of tomorrow 3

World War III

This movie includes two references to the World Wars. The strange one is to the battle of Verdun, one of the worst, most pointless slaughters of the Great War, where Teutonic pride & French civilization were both destroyed, one of them forever. Who would even know about Verdun anymore? It is […]