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Edge of tomorrow 2

On eternal recurrence

I think I’ve seen this movie several times before. So have you, or you could have. I’d like to try to get a hold on the problem that these movies are supposed to answer. This is what Nietzsche called the eternal return of the same. You are supposed to live your […]

Edge of tomorrow 1

On love & strife

A man who got into war because his P.R. business failed – presumably, because war made people less interested in lies – finds himself thrown into the frontlines when he threatens a general’s reputation. We are moving from speeches to deeds, from the images of things to the things. Soldiers […]

Game of Thrones iv.3-10

Love vs. honor

The self-destruction of the House of Lannister is almost complete. Family has been revealed as evil – in the place of love for one’s own, the denial of humanity is found. Incest & godlessness go together. The destruction of the House of Stark had merely shown the inefficiency of honor & the […]

How to train your dragon

A story about the new world

A man sounds like Gerard Butler, our Viking leader. But this is a kids’ comedy, so let us see at what our kids are supposed to laugh.

Our scrawny protagonist sounds boyish, telling us this story about Vikings fighting dragons. But if fighting is not inherently laughable, the […]

Silicon Valley i.5

The image of technology

The two billionaire tech-geniuses apparently only fought over Richard to prove a point. Throwing millions around means nothing to them, although it might mean the world to other people, who probably don’t matter much to them at all. That may be, but the point is yet to be proven. One of […]

Silicon Valley i.4

Why technology needs clever speakers

In a drunken stupor, at a party, Richard offers to make Erlich a board-member. When he wakes, morality returns, so that he cannot believe what he’s done, but is pleased to learn that speeches & deeds are different, so that he can easily renege, which he finds the courage to […]

Silicon Valley i.3

What’s in a name

Richard’s company is called Pied Piper – Jared, the MBA, is the only one who looked up the story – the piper murders children. But he also does rat-catching. Why the name? People are deceived, drawn in by what technology offers them? Richard’s original music-app would apparently have enforced copyright laws, […]

Silicon Valley i.2

Friendship for business

Silicon Valley is strangely unafraid to show that the tech world is a young man’s game, white & Asian. It shows a Google clone & his rival, a Peter Thiel spoof. What do we learn about Google? It exploits people in the name of virtue – the don’t be evil company has […]

Silicon Valley i.1

Vikings & empires

Our would-be hero, Richard, goes to a doctor after his panic attack. The doctor tells him, there was this other guy, same choice, take the money or build your own company, anyway, he ended up shooting himself – now he’s blind, the wife left him – don’t shoot at your temples… […]