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A note on the terrible price of politics

This is Scorsese’s answer to Coppola. The Godfather was a shocking movie not because it showed gangsters or Italians, both old stories in Hollywood shock movies, but because it suggested a pre-modern political alternative. The political scientist Banfield called it amoral familism. The family can be […]

Wolf of Wall St. 2

A note on what we have to learn

Now, capitalism is what we call this kind of acquisition, presumably because it teaches us what we are: We are all money-makers. If we weren’t, we couldn’t be any of the other things we want to be or are compelled to be. But people do not […]

Wolf of Wall St. 1

A note on what we have to learn through punishment

A friend has asked me recently about this film. I hesitated to write about it, because of the extreme malignity of the times – this economic crisis, which has hurt untold millions has persuaded many popular speakers that the way we live our lives […]

Guess who’s coming to dinner

As for that show, it was ‘Desdemona!’, the feminist musical version of the world-famous love story, slightly altered for the modern American taste (everybody lives). Hit songs from the show included ‘Oh, Tell, Othello, Oh, Tell’, & ‘Iago, My Best Friend’ & the foot-stomping finale, ‘Here’s the Handkerchief!’ Donald Westlake, What’s the worst that […]

Game of Thrones iv.1-2

The work of chaos

The destruction of the Lannisters follows from here. In some sense, the fate of the kingdom is decided by the Starks. When honor is gone, all principles of association, all grounds of agreement, all reasons to trust are shown to be illusions. Men’s reputations no longer make sense of the […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2

On the possible justice of war

Let’s pick this subject up again. I think it’s quite obvious, the title suggests that Captain America himself is the Winter Soldier – his enemy, a ruthless killer who has made everything done for the sake of peace impossible. You might think that a winter soldier is a […]

Captain America: The winter soldier 1

On the man who serves the public

The obvious fact about this new story is that it’s a conspiracy theory. This is a conspiracy to achieve scientific order, which requires the destruction of any political freedom. The reasoning seems to be, science does not offer any reason to tolerate the obvious evil in man. […]

Noah 2

On the problem of evil for human life

The evil of the race of Cain is connected to eating animals – therefore blood – therefore life. But also to the idea that man could be at home in the world, making do with a world God abandoned. Meat eating suggests cannibalism. The evil of […]

Noah 1

On the problem of thinking of a silent creator

Maybe people in the story refer to the Creator because they do not know God. Maybe all they know is – there was a beginning. This they know from tales. Why would these stories emerge or survive? Because the things humans come to know are […]