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Lone survivor

War as it emerges in noble defeat
Operation Red Wings. 4 men of SEAL Team 10 were sent on June 28, 2005 to kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah

This is the true story of a special forces mission that took place in Afghanistan. A long story of suffering, blood, & loss. It is fitting that it should start with Navy SEALs training footage. Fitting, that it should focus on the suffering that makes endurance, testing wits, rather than on the achievements of strength & martial prowess. This may explain why Americans lose wars. The greatest warriors do not lead armies to victory, but small teams in secret missions.

These men are the supreme warriors of our times. If our times are the end times, they are the best warriors simply. They are the only ones who have added to the training of modern scientific war the unenlightened chaos of fighting war. They do the work of death accurately. How do they acknowledge fate?

Now we come to the fact of failure. Americans refuse to slaughter old men & children. The rules of engagement cannot make men as wily as endurant. Men withstanding tremendous suffering cannot do the unthinkable. They are afraid of CNN & the liberals in the justice system, but maybe liberalism stands for morality, broadly speaking. Let us see the terrifying consequences, the price we pay for our opinion about progress.

The story of war is known to all men of sense: Survival requires victory. Who controls the motions wins the war. Because human powers are limited, controlling motions means surprising your enemies. War is about using human powers to deceive human powers. Yet we see here every principle of infantry warfare & tactical support abandoned. If you have seen a great predator overcome by hyenas, you will recognize the image. Whether there is any nobility left in the dirt & ugliness of defeat & death…

The men give up the high ground several times; & withdraw behind cover in firefights. Maybe they do not understand the tactical situation. Special operations may not be about having knowledge but about destroying the enemy’s knowledge. Another way of saying the same thing is that these people treat the enemy with contempt, which is deadly. So also they cannot protect their allies, or make allies of their enemies’ enemies. Bad luck is the problem & the scientific effort to overcome it.

You might think to yourself, Enlightenment has overleapt. This simple fact is the crisis of our times. The attempt to make the good & the just the same; war & police work the same; human needs & human striving the same. This is the same as saying that these men, who want to marry & lavish good things on their wives & children, are surprised by the goings on of war; they cannot do well.

A true story about a failed special operations mission & the soldiers’ terrible courage. A must-see for all young men.