Table of contents

Master & Commander

On the vindication of glory & empire

This is the story of British Captain Jack Aubrey & the last age of glorious naval warfare. A foreign story, of wars older than the Great War, of the war which prepared the imperial age, which only the English seems to enjoy anymore. Consider another captain from […]

The last boy scout

Some notes on the troublesome business of heroism

This is the story of Joe Hallenbeck, another one of the few men humiliated by the opinion that there are no more heroes. Not for lack of a suburban home, wife, & daughter, he is miserable, an opinion in which his family concur. What a strange […]


Yet another attempt to take the Christ out of Christmas

You must forgive my simple explanation for this curious phenomenon: Liberalism is the attempt to disprove or refute or solve the problem of evil. One proof that Christ is God is this: God alone could face up to evil fully & conquer it. So […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.13

On friendship & trust

One evening, the girls rush to their apartment, terrified by Eli’s news of an intruder. – Chloe’s private investigator. The man has a flair for the dramatic; it is too late for him to be a noir movie hero, so he can just tell Chloe’s tale. When first she moved to […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.12

Some more notes on fantasies

Chloe’s beloved Australian is returning to America. He is shooting a commercial with James. They’re advertising shades for Japanese people in a bathroom. The slogan is – a restroom for your eyes. Presumably, that is a comment on advertising. The man is persuasive: Now Chloe takes him on a tour […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.11

On the possibility that happiness is unjust

June one day finds Chloe in AA. She is outraged. This is dishonest in the utmost. Chloe is an unrepentant alcoholic. She goes there to tell drinking stories to people who appreciate them & to take the booze from lapsed alcoholics. June does not even think that this […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.10

On the strife of friendship

Chloe & James have a habit of hurling insults at each other. They are somewhat witty, but it would seem the purpose is not to lose sight of themselves. Pleasure inclines man to forget himself. To get slow & fat, in short, which is to say, ripe for destruction. Pain, […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.9

On matchmaking

Chloe evaluates June on her one-year anniversary. June is a New Yorker – she thinks she’s always been there. June does not care about grades, also a New York opinion. When she hears D, she panics. Luther disagrees – she has a great job, flawless skin, & apples. But no dates – now […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.8

On sexual competition

One night, Chloe brings another one of her endless slaves home, but she is mildly inconvenienced. June & Mark are watching some dating contest show. Chloe points out: Find some date, stop looking at fixed dates. June retorts: Easier said than done. Chloe: Tell me about it, you know my scorched-earth policy! […]