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Don’t trust the bitch ii.7

On the mystery of immoderation

June’s new job as junior analyst in finance has made her indomitably orderly. Chloe cannot bear this kind of conventionalism. It may be good for normal people to be shocked out of their normality, but it is a necessity of life for those who do the shocking. When not even her Indiana friends’ visit does anything to awaken her, Chloe takes more drastic measures. The drug-induced frenzy involves parties, dancing, music, pets, & Mark.

There are other things, of which we only hear, a very vulgar joke & a very risky strategy for some clueless rich people. June cannot remember either, curiously. The frenzy takes over her week – she has to live with the consequences of her actions, even though she forgot doing whatever she had done. Aside from forgetfulness, she seems to have had fun & she acquired a promotion to senior junior analyst.

Play hard, work hard is not the way of life for June. She cannot take her job too seriously, because she cannot tell vulgar jokes, apparently. June thinks Chloe wants to transform her into a smaller version of herself. She refuses to get angry, tries to face the consequences of that fateful Monday, & realizes eventually that her way of thinking is not suited to living Chloe’s life. She gives up defeated, only to be flattered by Chloe, who tells her she wants an audience, not an imitator.

June loves the admiration people shower on her. For a brief interlude, she is treated as if she walked with the easy grace of the successful. The trust & worship of success that sometimes steal her mind are now bestowed upon her, & only serve to confuse her & worry her. She has their attention & does not know what to do with it.

Chloe starts with the drugs, then goes to June’s workplace, then abducts her clients. It is not hard either to find out what June thinks is important or what her responsibilities are or to destroy her designs. The laws are powerless to protect June from Chloe, because June cannot bring herself to punish Chloe. Chloe wants to remind June of the limits of order & morality. But these shocks require that June pay attention.

James meanwhile meets this Indiana girl with whom he had had sex on her wedding day – but her husband tells this story better than I can. He had forgotten her, but now thinks maybe she is pregnant with his baby, which suddenly sparks his interest. He is surprised & disappointed that his celebrity promiscuity has not yielded him sons. Sexually frenzied women nevertheless remember to prevent pregnancy. At least at law, he is childless, unlike normal, married males.