Table of contents

Catching fire

On fomenting rebellion

The girl who first learned to flatter the many & then to kill the few who contend with her is apparently unready for the next step in her education. We see two ways of seeing the travails of justice here. The girl thinks done is done – she can go home. […]

Thor: The Dark World

On the need of princes

The assumption of his princely nature puts Thor in his father’s place. He is now the defender of all things human & divine. The fact that neither he nor his father created the world really forces him to confront the limits of human & divine things. There is chaos […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.7

On the mystery of immoderation

June’s new job as junior analyst in finance has made her indomitably orderly. Chloe cannot bear this kind of conventionalism. It may be good for normal people to be shocked out of their normality, but it is a necessity of life for those who do the shocking. When not even […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.6

Some notes on acquisition

Ted & I went to psychopath camp together when we were kids. Ted is the tough complement to Eli. Far from being a pervert, he is – off his meds – Chloe’s warrior. There’s an upcoming warehouse sale where Chloe needs protection from the middle class American women who have gone […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.5

On acquiring a useful job

June is preparing for her job as financial analyst. She still has minutes to shave off her morning routine. She wants to make a great first impression; she wants to work to the best of her ability as soon as she starts. She says, it’s been a year since she’s […]

Children of men

On the abiding hopelessness

In the near future, all women will have become infertile. This was not immediately obvious, but once it became likely, even inevitable, it seems to have become the fate of modern man. Soon, an insanity worse than barbarism descended upon mankind; many countries were reduced; those that survived were transformed […]

Ender’s Game

On war as education

In a future in which alien arms attack the planet, mankind must prepare for war. Those children who are by nature apt to become officers are educated separate from mankind. They are taught to play at war & the science required for modern war. They are not expected to invent […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.4

On fantasies & happiness

It’s kind of like Christmas, but with less Jesus & more sexy. This is how June describes the day some gossip magazine names the sexiest man alive. This is the news replacing religion, like the man said – the most adored man changes every year. Her mother & she are both […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.3

On thrills

Each Halloween, Chloe picks someone, then ruins his or her life. She learned what Halloween is all about: Finding out people’s fears & making them come true. She might find them obnoxious. She might think that playing with fears is stupid. She might think that people like to show off – Halloween encourages […]