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Don’t trust the bitch ii.2

A note on compassion

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in their American way, thinking that compassion or giving thanks or gratitude is about showering wealth on the poor. Blithely appeasing some wrathful god, the nation can come together in their shared devotion to wealth. They do this in the innocence of those who do not fear civil […]

Don’t trust the bitch ii.1

On memory & happiness

James yearly receives a letter from the rest of the cast of Dawson’s Creek, in which they politely beg him to do a reunion show. A decade has passed since the show’s finale. The anniversary of the end is usually a pleasant memory for James – he can treasure the thought […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.12

Some more notes on the life of pleasure

At dawn, Chloe bursts in on June yelling alarms. One hysterical fire drill later, they wait on James, who is desperately in need of escape from self-loathing. They are therefore going to the Hamptons for the weekend, drinking all the way… June neither drinks nor wants to […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.11

Some more notes on the necessity of deception

June is confronted with Chloe’s bar lies, meant to amuse her with audacious idiocies & to get her free drinks. Yet again, comedy shows its rampant immorality. June is so honest, she is shocked at the immorality, but so friendly that she feels compelled to help Chloe […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.10

Some notes on the life of pleasure

Chloe sails on – in her wake, June lands in the hospital, alcohol poisoning, stomach pumping imminent. The relation between pleasure & pain apparently separates the strong from the weak. This is nature working the work of tyranny. June loves Chloe’s daring pleasures.

Let us attend to her: […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.9

Undoing the American family

James, a man who has often dreamed of being a young girl & is adored by young girls, has such an interest in a young actress that he signs on to a movie to act alongside her – a story where father & daughter exchange bodies. He is aware that this […]


On motion & self-motion

This is the story of a badly failed space mission. American astronauts are destroyed by flying debris created by a Russian missile attack on a Russian spy satellite. Many satellites are destroyed; satellite communications are destroyed, perhaps, worldwide. The facebook going down joke suggests how difficult meaningful communication is, technology […]

Get the gringo

Some notes on justice & freedom

A heist gone wrong forces two mechanics across the border. The Mexicans see money; so they keep them. Maybe they look like clowns because dedication to making money is contemptible. Nevertheless, Driver’s ruthlessness has not prepared him for what he sees in Mexico. El Pueblito is a prison […]

Edge of darkness

On the possibility of just war

Two policemen tell Craven their wives would like to help. He has no wife; his daughter also had left him. About himself, he says he had never done enough to have enemies. The dead activists have families wanting answers. The traitor cop explains himself citing the wife & […]