Table of contents

Happy together

On love as an abandonment of family & the familiar

Lai Yiu-fai is the lover of Ho Po-Wing. He narrates their story. He says they have been together for a while, but they always break up – whenever Po-wing wants to start being together again, they do. Yiu-fai seems slavish in his obedience, but […]

Days of being wild

A note on love & fickleness

Our protagonist says: There is a bird without legs, born in flight, that lands only when it dies. It seems, Love is the awareness of being in love, or having fallen in love, or not being in control of oneself anymore. But love is also thereafter the awareness […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.8

On the necessity of deception

James is preparing for Dancing With the Stars. This means he has to hide from distractions, which is not easy for a celebrity. He needs more than physical training for dancing – vanity & ambition would suffice. He needs confidence he desperately lacks. He knows that the one thing held […]


On living dangerously

This is the story of Jerome Eugene Morrow, who is & is not who he is. He was born a perfect specimen, replete with all that genetic engineering could offer. The first time he failed at something, he tried to commit suicide, which left him crippled. He then sold his name […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.7

Some notes on pleasure as art

Chloe decides to teach June about sex. This is not something they understand in the Midwest, but happily Chloe once made a movie with James – she whips it out at parties, she says. June of course thinks there is always something shameful about sex, whereas Chloe might say […]

The Wolverine

On the virtue of the body

This is another story about the Wolverine’s immortality. At the end of WWII, he is released from a prison camp by a Japanese officer whose life he proceeds to save twice in a couple of minutes. Japan has lost the war; some officers feel they could not live […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.6

On necessity as a guide

June finally manages to get a job. It’s a terrible economy – she’s still working at the donut place. Successful Wall St. types are hardly human. They take a pleasure well-earned by their success in the suffering or desperation of the unemployed who still pursue employment instead of accepting that […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.5

The problem with going back to morality

Yet June yearns for community. New Yorkers are inured to evil, & it takes not too much to start a race riot, but there must be the clueless here & there who think about sharing the things that mankind are agreed are good. She wants ‘a captive audience […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.4

Friendship & celebrity

June is learning confidence. Chloe assures her – New York teaches mankind that it doesn’t matter what you do, just how you do it. This goes together with another of her opinions – boring is the worst thing anyone can call you. Chloe assures June, there’s nothing like her in Indiana. This […]