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Don’t trust the bitch i.3

On friendship & necessity

This is just like in the movies, when the good person makes the bad person better, only in reverse. The two girls agree first that they are making each other worse, then that they are making each other better. What Chloe means is, she used to commit crimes without remorse. She thinks about what’s good for her & then how to get it. Therefore, if James encourages her to be creative, that means she can conspire to steal from him.

What June means is different – committing crimes is un-Christian. Mother Theresa is a joke to Chloe. Marc also notes that his girl has banned him from attending church – God steals focus. She wants him rather to focus on worldly things. June takes him to her new church. She has changed from Midwest Christian to some Korean Baptist church. She wants a sense of community. Apparently, it does not require sharing the same language…

But June begins to commit crimes because she needs money to pay rent. Chloe always pays her rent by criminal means, so maybe June is learning after all… In church, she has a revelation: She gives jam to the church instead of money, because she has no money. The female priest assures her: The jam sells well. June thus learns to make money, just like the church does…

What is almost impossible to explain is the further complication. The girls do not sell the jam for money. It may be a delusional business plan anyway. Chloe decides on setting up a fetish website for people who want to see attractive girls make strawberry jam, if you catch their meaning… This is a joke about advertising & similar deceptions – the clients would not be getting the jam, just the image. In both cases it’s a matter of pleasure, but it’s not an accident that June thinks about giving people jam & Chloe about letting them watch her motions, which are indeed very attractive.

Chloe moves on from the failure of that plan – you need a loyal following to make money this way, which takes time… – to suing James for money. She could just read Luther’s play, lie to him about how good it is, then get James’s money. Chloe really does not like work, so she refuses to do even this. Likely, there is too much obedience & there are too many assumptions about trust…

June’s plan is to sell Chloe time. The inspiration might have been Chloe’s apartment-rental scheme – again, the learning… Or union practices that bankrupt their employers. Either way, the necessity of doing immoral things depresses her. She wants a good conscience: She confesses her crime. Chloe is impressed by the savvy of the scheme.