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Pacific Rim

A note on being together for war

To fight monsters, we created monsters of our own. The monsters mankind faces are akin to dinosaurs, but much bigger & better able to fight. Apex predators do not fight each other as a rule, but they do now. Mankind tentatively unites in building enormous robots to fight these new enemies.

It seems the monstrosity has to do with greatness: The robots preserve the human shape, but add to it the extraordinary power of science. Our protagonist says, the robots make you feel like you can defeat the hurricane. To say nothing of taming Leviathan. The Jaeger robots become an army independent of political rule. Their base of operations is lawless commercial port Hong Kong. But maybe the monstrosity is something else: One man cannot rule one of these robots. Two must act together. It seems the monsters are all of this kind, one mind or one will acting on all of them. The only scientist who shows enthusiasm about these monsters bravely connects his brain to a monster brain.

The sequence of warrior teams: Two brothers; father & son; three identical brothers; man & woman. Then new teams emerge, warriors who are not family – lovers, or even strangers. The first time a team has to be built, we see the role anger plays – only competition reveals whether a team will work. This was implied in brothers-in-arms.

The first team is typical: Brothers growing up together; not the brightest nor the most athletic in school, but tough fighters. Their endurance & love of fight may count more than their shared memories. Each can see himself in the other. Making one will of two seems possible then. But the question arises, How do you make one out of two? Despite what you think, this new being is nevertheless mortal.

The last team formed includes the warriors’ ruler. This captain says he can fight with anyone, because he brings no memories or fear or rank. He is a professional. Will becomes the same as art, it seems. He knows with what kind of man he must fight. It can be done. So we see two men who can pilot a robot alone.

But the captain also makes a speech to explain his deeds: Under his rule, no one will be alone. Everyone will fight alongside someone else. They will know they are human because they see each other. Even the scientists are human, who want to learn to think like god & a monster. The daring is prompted by necessity. The monsters are increasingly difficult to defeat. But there is something alongside it, the trust in one another. The girl insists respect is not obedience. The difference is, respect is mindful.

The best movie with robotic warriors. Go see it.