Table of contents

World War Z

On nature the killer

Global warming causes the end of civilization. At least that’s what they say on television. What seems to be closer to the truth is that civilization is in crucial ways more vulnerable the more technology advances. Specifically, commerce, liberalism, makes people wealthy, which seems to make them feel invulnerable in proportion as they become softer.

When the zombie plague begins to destroy America, starting with the civil political order, martial law is installed. A girl asks her father – he says, Martial law is like house rules applying to everyone. Soldiers seem rather incapable of fighting this enemy, but their rule nevertheless stands for fighting.

Our protagonist used to be a reporter. Maybe a war correspondent. He’s seen the breakdown of civilization before. He blew the whistle on UN corruption, which seems to have destroyed his career or his appetite for a career. Now he lives with his family in Manhattan; mornings, he makes pancakes. One morning, he has to save his family from a worldwide plague. To say the least, he should have thought more about abandoning the UN. Another worldwide organization, WHO, proves crucial to solving the problem. It would seem science crosses political boundaries. The problem is not American, anyway. Our protagonist goes around the world searching for the origins of the disease.

The origins, it emerges, are unknown & unimportant. The soldiers want a cure. The man who promises it is a doctor. A Harvard virologist with a British accent & German name. – He calls nature a killer, the great killer. Science learns from nature how to fight nature. Often, nature’s supposed strengths are really weaknesses to be exploited. But a man has to look at the clues nature leaves for the inquiring mind. The man of science apparently looks at horror & filth with undaunted curiosity, looking for good things for mankind.

Our protagonist sees this proud doctor die a stupid death. All the proud suffer. The Jews are not proud, so they cowardly built walls to defend Jerusalem, which saves them. Then they proudly start singing to God, which dooms them. Mankind should think more about this world, less about the next.

When the zombies seem to not kill everyone, our protagonist learns to pay attention. He means to teach mankind humility. People seem to think the conquest of nature is over & they can now enjoy it peacefully. They are therefore unwilling to pay the price for continuous conquest & serve the masters who wish to conquer. They must be reminded that the origin of civilization is a terrified, but scientific escape from nature. Scientists must remember: Their humility must destroy all other claims to knowledge, lest people forget to mind the good.

Brad Pitt & the Jews versus the zombie plague from Asia.