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Don’t trust the bitch i.3

On friendship & necessity

This is just like in the movies, when the good person makes the bad person better, only in reverse. The two girls agree first that they are making each other worse, then that they are making each other better. What Chloe means is, she used to commit crimes without remorse. She […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.2

The problem of friendship & the good

June decides that Chloe is her friend, so now they must do things together, or else in what does friendship consist? Chloe takes her on a tour of New York City, touristy, she says. Chloe’s tour, of course, is about horrendous crimes. June does not reflect on this, […]

Don’t trust the bitch i.1

Outraging the American family

This is a new start. Whereas it was implied before that June abandoned her Midwest family for a bright new future – a venerable American tradition – we see now how Chloe is trying to destroy her own family. She attempts to set June up with her father because she hates […]

Don’t trust the bitch pr.2

Learning the hard way

June needs this education so badly because she makes plans & trusts people she shouldn’t, so that they fit in her plan. That’s madness, simply put. Her parents are just like her: They’ve bet the house on her MBA. This is not a good economy for this sort of risks, […]

Don’t trust the bitch pr.1

Curing moralism one crime at a time

Our story begins with a strange proposition: Having your roommate have sex with your fiancé on your birthday cake is the best thing in your life & yet that is a life worth living. This is an apt summation of the problem of New York City. This […]

Pacific Rim

A note on being together for war

To fight monsters, we created monsters of our own. The monsters mankind faces are akin to dinosaurs, but much bigger & better able to fight. Apex predators do not fight each other as a rule, but they do now. Mankind tentatively unites in building enormous robots to […]

World War Z

On nature the killer

Global warming causes the end of civilization. At least that’s what they say on television. What seems to be closer to the truth is that civilization is in crucial ways more vulnerable the more technology advances. Specifically, commerce, liberalism, makes people wealthy, which seems to make them feel invulnerable in […]

The Lone Ranger

On the price of doing & knowing justice

Westward expansion is again underway, now the Civil War is over. The two brothers Reid have a disagreement about the requirements of justice. The elder is a Texas Ranger. The younger an Ivy League lawyer returning to Texas as a District Attorney. Their disagreement concerns capital […]

Foreign correspondent

How democracy stumbles into conspiracies

Mr. Powers: I don’t want any more economists, sages, or oracles bombinating over our cables. I want a reporter. Somebody who doesn’t know the difference between an ism & a kangaroo.

Our age may be the first where people could not see what was in front of their eyes […]