Table of contents

Man of Steel

A note on the relation between power & the human being

The few who see Superman throughout the story seem to agree he indeed cannot become known, or else mankind will change. This would seem to confirm what his father said of him – for humans, he would be a god – though, not […]

The Kennedys 5-6

The apotheosis of liberalism

We are shocked to see how little Kennedy did for blacks, but that impression is dispelled so soon as we remember that Democrats had won the black vote in the 1930s & never lost it. Whereas Eisenhower had sent troops to defend the right of blacks to attend school, & […]

The Kennedys 2-4

On the importance of popularity to rule

Jack cannot be elected without the people, which his father contemns & misunderstands. Jack learns that talking policy & principle is useless: The people are stupid. The Kennedys will rule because they learn that the people are moral: Cry with them, make them cry, sympathize, & then […]

The Kennedys 1

The election that changed American elections

I feel sure I have earned the trust of my readers enough to hazard it all on a recommendation. Those of you who are interested in the political facts must be aware of the peculiar political situation which complicates our access to them. So that someone who wanted […]


Some notes on the modern state & political science

This is a story about a future in which humanity may or may not exist anymore. The difficulty of ascertaining the truth about this most urgent question becomes the urgent problem of the hero. His name is Mr. Anderson, a patronymic derived from the Greek […]

Game of Thrones III.6-10

On the price of ambition

Robb Stark is slaughtered with his mother & pregnant wife & his few remaining banner-men. Necessity has finally overcome justice completely. The fate of the just man has been proven a disaster, bad for him & for all those who look up to him. Whether injustice pays remains to […]

Sherlock II.3

Sherlock Holmes & the order of trial by jury

One day, Moriarty decides to destroy Holmes. At the highest level, the experience of crime & detection is an education. Moriarty seems to have three things on his mind. Moriarty breaks into the Tower of London, the Bank of England, & some prison. This would seem […]

Sherlock I.3

Sherlock Holmes confronts the predicament of man

In the beginning of this story everyone makes fun of Holmes’s ignorance, who does not know that the earth turns around the sun. In the end, it turns out that astronomical facts can be useful, to solve cases. This is one of those things called poetic justice. What […]

Sherlock I.1

Sherlock Holmes in democratic times

We see a peculiar Sherlock Holmes, a far stranger man today than we might expect. Policemen cannot like him: They are authorized by the laws, which they enforce, but not so rendered especially competent. His excellence shames them, which they resent & envy. But it also shames the laws, […]