Table of contents

Star Trek: Into Darkness

On friendship & equality

Let’s look at the officers of the Enterprise. Kirk is captain. His second in command is Spock. His medic is Bones McCoy, his engineer Scotty, then are several lesser officers commanding the various functions of the ship. Two criteria of order emerge: Hierarchy & expertise. These may seem to describe […]

Star Trek

On captaincy

This is the story of how the young James Kirk assumed the captaincy of the USS Enterprise. Before we can recount the particular facts & choices which might help us make sense of this ascent, we must note a strange fact. The story involves time travel & two different histories, so we […]

Elementary I.1

Some notes on how the modern science of nature helps justice

Watson, formerly a doctor, seeks the eccentric Sherlock to be his sobriety companion – his conscience, or the conscientious part thereof. Watson is businesslike about this relationship. Holmes reacts by introducing her to policemen as his valet, suggesting inequality, servitude. She acts as […]

The Great Gatsby (2013)

A few observations on eternity as revealed by love

A man falls in love with a woman. He feels he cannot offer her the kind of life that love deserves, or requires. He realizes that America is a place where the poor can become rich, but that this they must in secret, the more […]

Game of Thrones III.1-5

On the need to acquire

War shows with unique clarity the weaknesses of men. The Lannister queen learns that she does not really rule anything. She has only survived because of her father, whom she rules no more than her son. So many powers move in the land, she can only keep up appearances.


Iron man 3

The end of progress

In the end, Tony Stark decides that the iron man armor was really a cocoon. Hindsight is blessed: This would seem to mean that the necessity under which he labored has been removed from him. That necessity we may call the ambiguity of science, which created both the bullets trying […]

Justified III

A story about organized crime

This time around, Boyd has to create a criminal organization, having failed to take up his father’s & also in creating a fascist mob. One is pleasantly surprised to see how little he learned from his mistakes & how much courage & cleverness he pours into building his fortune. […]

Justified II

A story about family

The criminal Raylan has to destroy an old woman. Maggie runs the only other serious criminal organization around – her family having been at crime for several generations. There is a suggestion here about the contrast between love of the good & love of one’s own. This woman’s sons are […]

Justified I.12-13

The cowboy’s private life

Raylan involves himself with two women. Ava is as straightforward as they come, or at least forward. She loved Raylan, he left town, she married the son of the biggest criminal around. Maybe he was strong & handsome… Raylan’s father was in contention, too. Once she had enough of that […]