Table of contents

Justified I.7-11

On patriarchy & the laws

Although several policemen object to Raylan’s habit of killing people, nobody says it’s because his father is a criminal. Indeed, his father never killed anyone – criminals tend to look to the good. Money tames them, let’s say. Trouble comes Raylan’s way for shooting criminals. This is frowned upon […]

Justified I.1-6

On the possibility of the Western

In a Miami bar, Marshal Givens confronts a criminal at his table. He’d told the man he had a day to leave town. Now he has come to kill him. The man talks his last, he draws, he gets killed. Then Raylan Givens is kicked out of Miami, […]

My Blueberry Nights

On the dangers of love

In the South, our protagonist, Lizzy, meets Arnie, a drunkard. She tends bar nights, both observer & accomplice. Days, she waits tables; she learns Arnie is a cop. He says it had been his last day of drinking; he also shows her his many sobriety chips; he’s often quit […]

Fallen Angels

A story about love turning men into criminals

The assassin knows two women; the dark one plans the assassinations he executes. She knows him by picking through his garbage – bodily leftovers. The blonde one picks him up at McDonald’s, bleaches her hair, & has sex with him. The dark masters her art – […]

Chungking express

A story about policemen falling in love

Cop #223 was left by his girl. He wants to know when love expires when he realizes she does not love him anymore. He took it as a joke when she left him: He thought it made no sense. It was laughable because he did the things […]


A story about shameless love

I have previously had to say untoward things in defense of the honor of a woman in love. As unpleasant as that was, so pleasant it is now to dwell on the man who assaulted her honor, to detail his crimes & formulate his indictment. He is the first […]

In the mood for love

A story about love with shame

I will have to say in the following notes certain things that I would rather not say. They may hurt sensitive readers & I would rather follow my inclination & avoid that. However, it may suffice to say here that these are exaggerations required by the understatements of […]

Oz the Great & Powerful 2

A note on mystery

In Kansas, after Oz does his illusions, a girl promises she believes in his powers & asks him to heal her paralyzed legs. He cannot; his audience turns into a mob. Promising the good & delivering the beautiful is risky business. In Oz, Oz meets a china girl & glues […]

Oz the Great & Powerful 1

A note on Enlightenment

The ambition of young Oz is stated thusly: He wants to be both Harry Houdini & Thomas Edison; & he does not want to die because he has not achieved anything. Edison is justly famed as the greatest inventor of all times – a man of progress – a democratic […]