Table of contents

Infernal Affairs 2

A note on the possiblity of unjust happiness

It is surprising to see how little technology does to change the hunt. The police have to figure out the details of crime operations, but that requires breaking the laws. Property rights cannot be broken, even if justice requires it. How can it be that the […]

Infernal Affairs 1

A note on the relationship between crime & heroism

The story opens at a Buddhist temple. Sam tells the newcomers how his criminal enterprise started: Protection rackets. Their enemy is the police. Men died fighting. The laws of the city do not move him; he makes a show of his piety, then he insists […]

The Departed

On retributive justice

This is the story of two young men who grow up in Boston to become policemen. They confront each other, one as a spy for a criminal, the other as an undercover agent infiltrating the criminal organization.

The undercover cop is Billy Costigan. His father’s family were hardened criminals, already the […]

The Grandmaster 2

A note on concealment

Yip Man’s life under the Japanese occupation & then in Hong Kong. The misery to which this notable was brought, the destruction of the way of life which allowed for these martial artists to thrive reminds us that war is about killing. Facing mortality is our question. War is destroying […]

The Grandmaster 1

On motion & essence

This is a strange story, & not at all straightforward, so it would help to try to understand it by its political context. Now, the 20th century in China was more or less a long series of internal wars & then the Communist tyranny. Our story moves from the ‘30s […]

The Unit I.11-13

On the connection between terrorism & democracy

One day, the unit faces the problem of a bomb set up in a skyscraper. This is American soil: Jurisdictional problems abound. But all becomes marvelously clear when radiation is detected. The prospect of a city wiped out, nuclear war happening without the damned Soviets doing it, […]

The Unit I.6-10

On the price of national security

The new man’s wife is shocked in the beginning to see how much the warriors’ wives insist on welcoming her – they want to do good for her whether she wants it or not. She does not want it, she even wants to live off-base, because she suspects […]

The Unit I.1-5

An introduction to the War on Terror

This story means to teach Americans &, by extension, democrats, what men wage war & in what way. Each episode is a mission, showing the protagonists’ knack for survival. But the there is never a happy end. So we will look at the meaning of the failures, […]

Red Cliff 4

The heroes of the Three Kingdoms

We see Zhou & Zhuge talking about the war to come between them. They have no illusion that the alliance can last. They are alike as strategists, but they serve different princes. Indeed, Zhuge’s older brother served together with Zhou. We see them play music together, & their […]