Table of contents

Lincoln 2

A note on Lincoln’s prudence

The death of Lincoln prevented him from ruling over America in peace. He was exclusively a war president, losing half his country as he was preparing for his first inauguration. His understanding of governing in peace must be taken from his war measures, above all which stands the Emancipation […]

Lincoln 1

Ecce homo

Spielberg has attempted to return Lincoln to the people. This old, weak Lincoln, shown enduring his many sufferings, is a fragile man, not a god of war. The people can love & accept him who is so unthreatening. We see several examples of Lincoln’s love of humorous stories – The Great Emancipator […]

Dredd (2012)

A note on how war defends law

There is a drug on the streets that seems to cancel time. Dredd is the enemy of this drug. Justice means paying for your crimes. If there is no time, there are no consequences, no choices, no actions. We get glimpses of what this slowness looks like; […]

Judge Dredd

A note about the just man

Judge Dredd is a great believer in the law. He lives in a world where the difference between life & death is easy to understand. Who obeys the laws is not killed by the judges. But what about those killed otherwise? What justice do they get? Dredd is […]

Silver linings playbook

On the passion of the bourgeoisie

This is the surprise film of the Oscar season. Nominated in all five major categories. Several lesser categories, too. This is a feast of excellence in acting, it would seem. Dear reader, you have already guessed it: It is a film about insane people. If you are paying […]

Les miserables

Victor Hugo on revolution & religion

This is the story of Jean Valjean, hunted nearly unto destruction by the lawman Javert. Valjean was jailed for stealing a bread-loaf for a starving child; & then for attempting escape. Upon release, he is now one of the cursed – the touch of the law is indelible. […]

Django unchained

A note on pride & slaughter

This is the story of a young black slave whose freedom is brought by a wandering German bounty hunter. Now free, Django wants one thing, to find & free his wife. Django agrees to help the bounty hunter in return for his freedom; he also agrees that the […]

Zero Dark Thirty

A note on the ugliness of war

The people working for the politicians sound like cowards trying to avoid responsibility. They cannot understand much about war or espionage. Their expertise, or the extraordinary efficiency of the political system, ensures that the story of the hunt for bin Laden does not involve politics. We hear […]

Jack Reacher

On the life of the most just man, & concerning whether it is desirable

Jack Reacher was once an agent of the laws. It was his duty to do justice by investigating allegations of crime in a war zone. He sees there some criminal destroying other, worse criminals accidentally. It is easier to see […]