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Conspiracy 3

The unmanly virtues

The 1000 years Reich is the same as perpetual peace, if a peace obtained by non-Kantian means. Nazis wanted to overcome the necessity for politics, though their means show quite an awareness of politics – of differences between people & of the problem of who should rule. War against Jews is war against nature. Nazi victory would deliver man from the Nazi need to struggle. There is more than mere suggestion that Nazis thought science proved there are decisive differences between the races, & that science will favor the rise of the superior races & the extermination of the inferior races, leading to the end of all human conflict.

If Nazism is meant to change human beings in a radical manner, it must above all make them absolutely obedient. The difference between rulers – Nazis – & the ruled, other Aryans, would have to be enforced scientifically. Prosperity would be required for Aryans to thrive, & to remove the need for conflict, but the obedience required for war would transmit in times of peace. Why should Aryans allow other Aryans to rule them? We already see the Nazis give themselves to the pleasures of the body while supposedly waging a total war…

Apparently, only the unmanly Nazis – but who isn’t unmanly, compared to Heydrich? – are political. Their legal & economic objections (Kritzinger, Stuckart, Neumann, Mayer) mean to remind the SS of the limits of human power. These people consider the urgent, not only the important – the 4-year plan, not the 1000-year plan. When Klopfer, Bormann’s man, humiliates Neumann, he defeats himself & delivers victory to Heydrich. When the Party shows its contempt for the merely economic concerns, it dooms itself. But it could have happened that people like Eichmann dedicate their talents for the economic ends of the Nazis rather than the racist…

The Nazi professions of manliness favor the most recklessly ambitious. They bend every other virtue to serve manly ends, at the same time as the self-assertion, the independence of the manly man, forces him to deny he needs or receives any help. (Heydrich denies he had any help from Luther, that anyone but him knows the truth about the Fuehrer, & refuses to compromise on any point of his plan.) Heydrich offers people apologies, then forces them to accept them. Thus, the installation in the center of the regime of the only virtue that really must be a political virtue to be reliable – manliness – eliminates manliness everywhere else.