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Red Dawn (2012)

An observation, that the American democracy opposes warfare

When I was overseas, we were the good guys, we enforced order. Now, we’re the bad guys, & we create chaos. This is how Jed describes the war he is teaching to these boys. He alone fought; he is a Marine, of course. But he fought […]

Red Dawn

If war came to America

One morning, as the small Midwestern town comes to life – parents taking children to school, an history teacher explaining to his boys the connection between the Mongol ways of hunting & warring – paratroopers invade. The murders start quickly, the jailing of the newfangled prisoners of war, & […]


On a failed conspiracy

We are surprised by the thought that there was only one attempt on the life of Adolf Hitler. That tyrant made himself hated among that class most likely to create assassins, the notables. They started by viewing the man with contempt, learning by degrees fear & therefore hatred. The notables […]

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Some notes on the problem of nature

The young woman wants to see her newborn daughter; the father insists she should hunt first; it would seem a mother has to feed her young – then it turns out the man is worried the mother might threaten her young; we see the young couple out […]

Wreck-it Ralph

A note on turning anger into love

The entire conceit of the comedy can be neatly phrased like one of its jokes: A medal is just another coin. – Worth pondering. – This seems to mean that the useful, or the good, is more or less the same as the noble. Medals are given […]


A note about fate

‘The plane was doomed.’ This is the pilot’s opinion, stated in confidence. We are privy to something only an old friend from his Navy days hears from the man. Confronted with the possibility of criminal negligence, he claims for the first time that only he could have done what he […]

Conspiracy 3

The unmanly virtues

The 1000 years Reich is the same as perpetual peace, if a peace obtained by non-Kantian means. Nazis wanted to overcome the necessity for politics, though their means show quite an awareness of politics – of differences between people & of the problem of who should rule. War against Jews is war […]

Conspiracy 2

The Nazi thinking on Germans & Jews

Heydrich needs unanimity, & the Jewish question may be the only subject on which this is possible. The SS, the Chancery, & the Party are fighting over who decides. SS victory is a necessary consequence of Nazism. The other Nazis call the SS power-grubbing bullies even as they […]

Conspiracy 1

The devils’ conference

The climax of the story is the scene where Heydrich proclaims their purpose, near the end: A triumphant German vision. He repeats himself, for emphasis. Heydrich then first uses the word command; then he issues the few orders logistically necessary, including secrecy. Then he adjourns the meeting. Heydrich wanted this conclusion; […]