Table of contents

The Pacific I.9-10


The final campaign we see is the invasion of Okinawa, April 1-June 21, 1945. This was the greatest infantry fight in the Pacific. More than three hundred thousand soldiers fought each other; more than half were casualties, almost all the Japanese ending dead. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed during the three-month […]

The Pacific I.8

Some notes on the making of soldiers

We see one of the heroic men return to America, doing publicity so that his brothers-in-arms will get the equipment they need in order to fight & die. The luxury awarded to celebrities is awarded to him. His family prides in him. The man is too decent […]

The Pacific I.5-7

Blood & sweat

The second campaign we see is the attack on Peleliu island. This time, the Marines are attacking serious defenses. All thought of offensives abandoned, the Japanese only now show how dearly they mean to sell their skins. As the landing craft nears the beach under intense enemy fire, it starts to […]

The Pacific I.1-4

The Pacific War

Guadalcanal is the first campaign we follow. The American beach landings started on August 7, 1942. American forces had been killed in the Pacific since Pearl Harbour, December 7, 1941, with little effective resistance & no counter-offensives. Great naval battles were fought before American forces started their first offensive. The job […]

True Lies 2

The promises of love affairs

In one scene, the hero’s wife is talking in a mirror about her erotic disappointments. He questions her, his voice distorted, using the authority of a secret government agency to invade her privacy. Love moves him: He feels he has a right to know her heart, having married & […]

True Lies 1

The dangers of love affairs

James Cameron turns in his only comedy to a problem that stirs in all his action movies: Marriage. How to mate man & woman, more specifically. His comedy is not leisurely. Men cannot afford the luxury of impossible conceits. Comic accidents would tend to make men seem ridiculous. How […]

The Expendables II 3

& on family Some notes on the impossibility to have both a private life & a public life

We are inclined to ignore the obvious on a first viewing, because it is almost ridiculous. We are surprised to hear our mercenary hero solicitous of a young mercenary. Why should he care? Even when the […]

The Expendables II 2

On American history Some notes on the lack of mental toughness exhibited by liberalism & the action movie as its coutner-poison

Sylvester Stallone proposes to remind America of the Cold War, as once he reminded her of Vietnam. Setting the story in China & Russia not only points to their common Communist past, but […]

The Expendables II 1

On politics as battle-born Some notes on mercenary warfare, to draw out the limits of politics & of knowledge, as they emerge in warfare

We note, in the beginning, that the mercenary hero is very like the comic poet. They understand money is a political problem. When people pay, they accept the aloof in […]