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The Bourne Legacy

What price peace?

The latest Bourne movie shows us what the previous movies concealed, the necessary conditions of this tragedy: The perspective, the necessity, & the virtues of the men trying to kill these unnatural warriors. Jason Bourne has happily disappeared to his private happiness. Another man, aptly named Aaron Cross, is our protagonist. The spy agencies try to kill him as well.

Why Aaron Cross? Bourne cannot be our hero. As his name suggests, he was born, or reborn. It is never clear to what extent he is made. He loses contact with his unnatural origins just about when he learns about them. Perhaps that is freedom. Aaron Cross, on the other hand, knows he was made by the spies. Without their powers, it is not clear to him that he would retain his humanity. Aaron Cross defends his warlike excellence to defend his humanity. Before the army, he was an imbecile.

Aaron was the brother of Moses; his God-appointed task was to speak to Pharaoh to free the Jews, who were then slaves. Perhaps Aaron Cross means to free his fellow warriors from the spies. Perhaps these warriors are a chosen people, like the Jews. Perhaps the Jews were God’s experiment, like the warriors are the spies’ experiment… God’s law forbad Jews to enslave each other, arguing that they were only slaves to God.

Cross, of course, is a more complicated manner. The Christian suggestion follows the Jewish suggestion. But the crucifixion is ambiguous. Is his training his crucifixion, triggering his death, his rebirth? Or does bearing his cross mean living his unusual life? Then again, cross also has a darker meaning, to betray.

We first see this man swimming in the sea, then climbing mountains in Alaska. He is accustomed to the wild as much as man can be. His return to the city must bring this wilderness to disturb the laws. The men who want to kill him argue plainly that they commit monstrous acts so that the city can be safe. The peace of modern life requires that most people never have to face war, especially defensive wars. This means that enemies must somehow be dealt with more quietly.

These warriors are used by spies to prevent nuclear war. The master-spy argues that Pakistan, Iran, & North Korea – a new axis of evil? – have to be thwarted, in order to save America. He can do it. But he needs secrecy, because he must commit horrible crimes in order to do it. He is the only man who speaks about necessity. The only suggestion he may be wrong is hidden in the deeds of Aaron Cross. His actions refute quietly the spy, who thought he could control the secrets.

The only reason to see this is Jeremy Renner.

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