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London Boulevard

A tragedy about love & justice

Colin Farrell gets out of jail. No surprise there. A bum, his only friend, asks, did they hurt him? He says, nothing that meets the eye. The old man says they hurt him. The man answers, he knows. Our man has on a good suit. He gives the old man some money, with the queen’s face on it. The old man says, you don’t have to do this. Our man says, yes, he does, it’s a tax you pay for being alright. The good have to be generous.

His sister is dead walking; gentle protection cannot help. She hates herself; she might get him killed. She brings guns back into his life.

A man who goes to jail for being strong will be broken or he will face the problem of justice. He may survive, but blood will be shed. If he does not make honor his business, he dies for nothing. But if he wants to get something done, to avenge injustice, to give the evil what they deserve, the price is causing great destruction, becoming unlovable.

Our man knows what courage and ambition put together do. To go beyond good & evil is to commit every horror & break every law. He does not want to do it, because he loves beauty. Good suits & cars, beautiful women, peaceful evenings when you get a chance to look around you. The trouble of the unlucky is that he has to fight for what he wants.

The other part is love, but he imprudently falls in love with a woman who is damaged goods. Her only friend calls her the most raped woman in Europe except Monica Belucci. She’s an actress, he means, but what taste does that leave in your mouth? Stardom broke her; maybe she was not the stuff of which they make statues; maybe beauty is not much protection nowadays. This girl learnt the disaster of the passions & how possessive we are the hard way.

Now she has found a man who tells her that she needs more ambition, more courage. The pursuit of love requires courage. He has to convince her she is lovable. A man like him, his love is very persuasive… She wants to steal his soul, but it takes much more effort than she thinks. Maybe she is too scared of what it took to make him strong, maybe she is scared because the strong are rarely gentle… It is not readily obvious, but men are led by beauty at times; but this man suggests to her that is not for beauty he loves her, but because she is good. He leaves some doubt as to whose good the woman embodies.

For fans of Colin Farrell & Keira Knightley