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Amazing Spiderman

A note on the hero & the laws

Everyone who knows the story of the Spiderman knows that his beginnings have something to do with a scientific experiment & the death of his uncle. The boy was an orphan, it seems, who was brought up by his uncle to do what he could to help people. The boy is a scientist by his ability, but he is too young to do much to help, & he is not particularly public-spirited.

He also wants to solve the mystery of his parents’ death. This is why he goes to the laboratory of his father’s partner, also a scientist. For once, the boy finds someone who matches, if not raises, his intellect. He admires the man, it seems, & even seems like he will take his father’s place. Humorously, these scientists work in genetics. In fact, they are trying to show that man is not only not really different to other animals, but that animals could be used to improve man.

This collaboration is doubly successful & a double failure. It comprises certain horrible events that make up our story. We must wonder what ever happened to the Hippocratic oath’s ‘First do no harm.’ The boy does not learn much from the prospect of losing his humanity. He is fearless. But it turns out this is not the stupidity of youth, but the confidence of the powerful.

The boy shows on three occasions that he misunderstands the laws of the city. First, he stops some criminals, then expects the cops to like him for his just use of violence. He is shocked that the police would want to arrest him. Secondly, he talks to his girlfriend’s father, a policeman, about how vigilantes might help the police, though they are no heroes. Thirdly, he goes to tell this policeman about a scientist who has become a criminal through genetic manipulation.

This policeman tries to put the boy in his place: The police rules by the consent of the people & for the good of the people. He might add, limited by laws & by acting in broad daylight. The boy has no such limits. He does not realize he does not even share the purpose of the policemen, who just want to do their job. He really believes in justice…

His uncle dies trying to fight an armed criminal. His deeds show that his sense of his responsibility was not tied to his ability, despite his speeches. It is not tied to any necessity either. This man’s idealism haunts the boy. The beginning of his heroism is connected to revenge, but the truth of it is guilt, feeling that something good was taken from him, & that he should have defended it.

A very popular movie about a boy who became a hero. Heartwarming.