Table of contents

The Dark Knight

A note on chaos & law

We have noted the weakness of Batman’s attempt to save his city. We have assumed his purpose is reasonable, because it was decent of us. In the sequel, we can no longer afford that luxury. A much greater danger now confronts us. We cannot even avoid letting this […]

Batman Begins

A note on fear & justice

Everyone who knows this story knows that Batman fights evil men & that Bruce Wayne is afraid of bats. The two things seem completely unrelated. Bruce Wayne’s father tries to explain to the boy that the bats attacked him because they were afraid: All creatures are afraid. Aggression […]


Some advice for those who consider a life of crime

We suspect that Guy Ritchie’s comedies are meant to teach the audience a lesson they wouldn’t want to learn. The protagonists are usually entertaining fellows – confident, humorous, attractive. Nevertheless, they rarely succeed, never easily or to great advantage. Admittedly, the stories are not […]


A note on the disguise of art as chance

This is the only Guy Ritchie comedy in which the narrator is the protagonist. He is a man given to sarcastic humor. Still & all, he is the only man who can give us commentary on the setting, the actors, & the action. We are […]

Lock, stock, & two smoking barrels

The misfortunes attending the life of crime

This story teaches us about an age-old problem: How to have adventure without ambition. It is, of course, the story of several groups of criminals, some of whom are organized. It seems they agree with mankind that it is good to have money, preferably without earning it. […]

London Boulevard

A tragedy about love & justice

Colin Farrell gets out of jail. No surprise there. A bum, his only friend, asks, did they hurt him? He says, nothing that meets the eye. The old man says they hurt him. The man answers, he knows. Our man has on a good suit. He gives the […]

Amazing Spiderman

A note on the hero & the laws

Everyone who knows the story of the Spiderman knows that his beginnings have something to do with a scientific experiment & the death of his uncle. The boy was an orphan, it seems, who was brought up by his uncle to do what he could to […]


A note on the animal spirit

A boy wishes his teddy bear would come to life. The bear obliges him lovingly &, animated, becomes his lifelong best friend. His father is terrified & shouts for his gun; the mother calls it a miracle. Comparing a talking bear to Christ suggests religion has degenerated somewhat. […]

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Some notes on a story about family & friends

What better occasion for a comedy than the separation of the continents. Everything that seems to us to make up world in which we live is tossed about by forces so far beyond our control that we have to wonder, are not our daily contrivances […]