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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Some notes on slavery

It strikes me that vampires are said not to have reflections in windows & such, but on the other hand they have images on film. This is probably enough evidence to refute all materialist doctrines.

We must wonder, however, that the two stories we hear about the origins of vampires turn out to be stories about their powers. First, a man who turns out to be a good vampire – a vampire from force & necessity, not reflection & choice – traces the weakness for silver of vampires to Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Christ. It would seem that the double meaning of this weakness, wealth & death, carries in it all that we must learn about vampires in order to kill them. Let us also add that this is a legend, because the man telling it was not there to see Judas Iscariot & Jesus Christ.

Later, the man who leads the evil vampires – evil seems to come naturally to vampires – tells a story about things he himself saw: Man enslaving man everywhere – he reasoned that the strong must tyrannize over the weak. His examples are also Biblical: Jews enslaved in Egypt, Christians martyred in Rome. Apparently, the rise of vampiric rule requires the destruction of Christianity. For all its faults, the old world was not atheistic, but in fact came to be called Christendom.

The question of this story, therefore, is this: Is the new order of the ages of the American Revolution Christian like the old world, or atheistic? Slavery was the issue that was supposed to decide this question. It was an injustice crying to God to treat men as if they were animals. Americans paid in blood that injustice until slavery was destroyed. Abraham Lincoln was the man who taught Americans that the Civil War came as a punishment from God.

The crucial battle between Lincoln & the vampires is said to have been fought during, but apart from, the Battle of Gettysburg, the South’s last chance to defeat the North. We learn that the South was not led by vampires, but by men who had made a deal with vampires.

I have pointed out some of the more obvious coincidences. Devices such as puns seem to lead us to serious questions. I have of course left to the attentive reader to figure out how to explain the problems faced by Mr. Lincoln himself, what he learned about vengeance & politics. This story explains how ‘Honest Abe’ could have been the ‘Great Emancipator’ by telling us that honesty leads to emancipation. This is to say, it tries to do justice to its proposition that we prefer legends to men, or that poetry is more philosophical than history.

An exciting action movie, fantastic special effects.