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Jonah Hex

Some notes on soul & freedom

At the end of the Civil War, what it was to be American was decided. The North won – citizenship in the republic won. This bloodiest of American wars, somewhat like that most dangerous war of 1776, is not a subject of movies in America. How could the […]

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Some notes on slavery

It strikes me that vampires are said not to have reflections in windows & such, but on the other hand they have images on film. This is probably enough evidence to refute all materialist doctrines.

We must wonder, however, that the two stories we hear about the origins of vampires […]


A fairy-tale about the spirit of independence that rules the young

This story tells what it takes to make a girl brave. This is easy as you’d think. ‘Twould seem she inherited her father’s manliness & spent her childhood ignoring her mother’s conventions. Then it probably tells what it means for a girl to […]

Madagascar 3

At the circus

This is perhaps the most interesting story of the three that bear the name Madagascar. By now, only the lascivious lemurs who take an amusing liking to pop music are left to remind us of the title. This time, the animals escape Africa, going through Monte Carlo, Rome, & London, on […]

Lethal Weapon 4

The policeman as family man

Action movies usually end with massive explosions. Without fear for their lives, the people are unlikely to admire their heroes, to say nothing of the necessary ingratitude of mankind. Also, the excitement makes heroes attractive. This movie starts with such an explosion. A man in an iron suit is […]

Lethal Weapon 3

The policeman as lover

Murtaugh is one week of service away from retirement. His wife forces him to wear a bulletproof vest. The risk of death is more important now… Indeed, Riggs drags him into a bomb situation; they escape the massive explosion, but not the administrative consequences. They promptly become beat cops – […]

Lethal Weapon

The soldier as policeman

This is the story of two L.A. cops. One is black, a family man of fifty years who lives in a suburban house with a garden. He is getting too old for this work. The other is white, in his thirties, he once was married, but now lives alone, widowed, […]


On life & technology

The starship Prometheus, carrying a scientific expedition, arrives at a planet the scientists onboard hypothesize is the place of origin of life on earth. On that planet, remarkably similar to our own, they find the most advanced civilization they could imagine, apparently extinct. It is strange to consider an intelligent […]

Game of Thrones II.9-10

The beginning of justice

Politics seems to be returning to the realms. The capitol under attack, the least important part of politics finally becomes impossible to deny. Urgency forces all the notables to consider where they stand & what really counts for them.

The king runs away from battle because his mother wishes him […]