Table of contents

Men in Black

The truth about aliens

This comedy means to teach us that there are bigger dangers facing New York City, America, & indeed the world than the mundane crimes that let people know the police is keeping the peace. In our modern world, in our metropolitan-cosmpolitan way of life, we have become aware of the […]

Men in Black 3

What it is that men who take responsibility for their countrymen have to face

You might laugh, but this story suggests baseball is a good way to begin to learn what makes us human. There is a creature here, utterly benign, which considers all possibilities within an ever-elusive reality. It barely distinguishes what really […]

Dark Shadows

Some notes on Tim Burton’s view of America

This is the story of an English family immigrating to America. They thrive on fishing, build a town around themselves, & a manor in which to live. Despite the great success of this solid Gothic foundation, the parents die & the son is sent to the […]

Game of Thrones II.4-8

Some notes on the surprises of war

The ugly Baratheon kills the handsome without a battle & rallies as much of the beheaded army as he can. Assassination has its uses, apparently, especially in times of trouble, when the loyalties of armies & cities are questionable at best.

Men seem to worship success & […]

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Some notes on the possibility of founding a city

This is a story about the human difficulties facing civilization. Human beings are driven into each other’s society at least by their neediness. They prefer facing other humans to dying; & there is no way to protect oneself in the wilderness. But they also prefer […]

Mad Max: The Road Warrior

Some notes on legends & evil

This is the story which tells us how the end of the world came. The US & the USSR came to fight a nuclear war. We assume most of mankind perished. Certainly, the great cities of men were undone. We are told that technology finally showed it is […]

The Avengers

Marching under the Stars & Stripes

Midway through the first attack on our planet, the arguably evil Loki, a sort of god with mischief on his mind, tells Nick Fury that the problem with human beings is their insistence on freedom. Fury lives up to his name & disagrees. He organizes a band of […]

Mad Max

Some notes on ghosts

This is a story of what man might look like at the end of the world. The first two things we see in this picture that we would not usually see in our world are sex in public & lawless gangs. We are given to understand that public things & […]

Think like a man

There are some in Europe, who, confusing the different attributes of the sexes, pretend to make of the man & of the woman being, not only equals, but similars… They give to one as to the other the same functions, they impose to them the same duties & give them the same rights; they […]