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Battleship Propaganda

This is a propaganda movie for the US Navy. It is set in Hawaii, to remind Americans of the horrible attack on Pearl Harbour, which moved Americans to favor war. Now, the sailor is not the image of American arms, the Navy is the most needful military service for a commercial republic, especially an island race. Finally, this is perhaps the most useful example of just war, given that the navy is as much an offensive as a defensive weapon.

Now, the purpose of the propaganda is to persuade Americans that wars are worth fighting, that their nation is worth their service & their sacrifice, & that there is no future in pacifism. When the Navy comes under attack, the sailors suspect Russian or Chinese mischief. These men think with their own heads, but they are not sufficiently prepared, because Washington politicians dare not say that China is our enemy.

Men, however, need not be convinced that war is real. Men know in their hearts that the Navy is right: That the price of freedom – & therefore peace – is vigilance. This story shows us how men are made in the Navy. The Navy does not propose to make men smarter, but more moral: Men become military men if they become reliable & useful to their fellowmen, rather than destructive or even self-destructive.

Man at sea is always in motion, because the sea is in motion, & understanding the regularities & the ways of the sea is not enough to defend oneself from the immense power of the sea. War at sea is as much war with the sea. Such is the predicament of man at sea that he know there is water even beyond the horizon.

Very famous scientists in these late days assure us that human life on earth is not special; there are many thousands of millions of other planets so similar to our own that life even remotely similar to life on our planet may be alive there – indeed, by our best statistics, it must be. That’s discounting forms of life that do not resemble what we already know. Science also assures us that the universe is not merely as vast as all this, but old, & therefore life organized in – for lack of a better word – civilizations far more advanced than our own may exist.

Our hero is a young man who wastes his life because he has no purpose. America never taught him how to achieve something worth his complete dedication. When he finally joins the Navy, he finds a purpose in life & he finally learns why the American way of life is worth defending from America’s enemies. Self-sacrifice comes naturally to the man.

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