Table of contents

Groundhog Day 2

On love & law

The supposition that we move ourselves, that we are not determined by external actions, underlies both options, because it underlies the possibility of action. Considering success & failure requires reflection on the soul.

Thereafter, Phil tries to prove the day is not repeating itself. He even hopes to sleep it […]

Groundhog Day 1

Morality & tragicomedy

Our protagonist, Phil, is a weatherman whose TV station sends him to cover the Groundhog Day celebration in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, for the fourth year running. He is disappointed, annoyed. February 2 may or may not be the end of the winter, depending on whether it is sunny or cloudy when the […]


Battleship Propaganda

This is a propaganda movie for the US Navy. It is set in Hawaii, to remind Americans of the horrible attack on Pearl Harbour, which moved Americans to favor war. Now, the sailor is not the image of American arms, the Navy is the most needful military service for a commercial republic, […]

Game of Thrones II.1-3

Living with injustice

Let us start with a review of the political facts. The first story’s theme was honor, how it fails to rule, & therefore how peace is forfeit. Obviously, the failure of honor in wartime must be the second story’s theme. Before, we saw a king who could not be bothered to […]

Face/Off 3

On the poetic teaching about justice

The troubling conceit of the plot has the hero take the villain’s face & voice. The FBI people who persuade Archer science can do this are killed along with the doctor; they may have misunderstood their doings. They had naively reassured Archer that it was all reversible. Castor […]

Face/Off 2

On the natural ground of justice

Castor & Pollux were twin sons of Zeus & worshipped as gods in Sparta. Now, the Gemini constellation is opposite the Sagittarius. It takes both Troy brothers to come up with Archer.

Archer meets Pollux twice, twice Pollux is surprised & defeated. The first is a contest of […]

Face/Off 1

On the divine ground of justice

The day of his greatest success, FBI agent Archer is greeted by his subordinates with a party. The CIA sends champagne. He answers darkly, Why don’t they drink to the memory of their fallen comrades? He knows the names of the dead; they died under his command, indeed, […]

Wrath of the Titans

Some notes on power & catastrophe

This is a story about the political difficulties created by atheism. The Olympian gods are rejected by men because their demands are too harsh & they offer too little in return to mankind. This turns out to offer no advantage to human beings who must face necessity. As […]

The Hunger Games 2

Some notes on the prudent archer

Two men train our protagonist. The hunter says: Face the probability of your imminent death, & know that there’s absolutely nothing I can do to help you. Success must come by your own arms, without recourse to strangers. That belief is the ground of the art of war. […]