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Act of Valor

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

This is the story of a Navy SEAL Team fighting Islamic terrorism to protect America. Their first two missions are extractions. They have to rescue a captured & tortured American agent in Latin America; & to capture a terrorist on the high seas. Their third mission is an attack on a terrorist group south of the border. The terrorists plot to enter America with a terrifying new delivery for explosives.

Battle tactics & logistics showcase the extraordinary degree to which these men have perfected a specialized part of the art of war. But they represent military excellence & the military as such, for they are one of damn few elite troops. Their training & their physical courage both are exemplary. Their ability to protect their friends & harm their enemies means they epitomize military justice. This is why the SEAL tells us: Before he died, my father told me the worst thing about growing old is that other men stop seeing you as dangerous.

Fear of death does not move these men. Nor terrorists, shockingly. All men conquer fear of death; but men can well be enemies. SEALS are family men; their wives fear death, as do most people; they cry when their husbands must leave to wage war. So does the woman the terrorists use as a suicide bomber. Men do not cry; they fight to the death to destroy these terrorists, these hi-tech barbarians, enemy to all civilization, friend to any criminal. The SEALs connect their love for each other to their love for their families & their love of America. A SEAL jumps immediately on a grenade when his fire team is surprised in close quarters. He unthinkingly forfeits his life for the good of SEALs, family, & America. This is why the SEALs say they do not expect their families to understand, but only to accept the men. They want above all to be loved in return.

America understands less than SEALs’ families, having no experience of such men, unlike the women who love them. This story, addressed to the unborn son of a dead SEAL, teaches Americans all they can learn about these men & the code of honor they embody. On film, this father is immortal who always carried his grandfather’s flag with him in battle. He is always there to teach his son to be like him. We are shown beautifully the American way of life, so that young men learn that America must be defended.

The secret we are taught about secret SEALs is the fundamental truth about men & God: SEALs always think of going home. Most return alive, some dead. The shocking truth is that America is home for all.

The best movie for battle tactics, special operations. A must-see for men.