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This means war

Some notes on woman’s love

This is the story of a girl who gets everything that life in the big city can give a woman. She has style, a prestigious job, & her pick of the male population. She once lived in Atlanta, Georgia, still looks Southern, but lost the accent.

She goes with two young men, both dashing, urban, sophisticated fellows. One of them is divorced with a boy, the other is a playboy. The playboy turns out to be a sentimental grandma’s boy. The father turns out to be a very angry young man. These young men do their damnedest to win fair lady & they are certainly not faint-hearted. We are amazed to see both of them violate the young woman’s privacy without a second thought. They dedicate national security resources to spy on her, including when they are dating her. Mercifully, she only has sex with one of them & that eventually decides the question.

To love someone is also to love things, not only people. This is why love is double: you love being with your beloved, but love starts before that, by seeing the beloved. This is the meaning of the spying & privacy invasion: the contemplative part of love is really the private part & it is lawless. Love you see is not the same as love you touch. Consider also the doubleness of lover & beloved. Therefore do the two men chase after the girl.

The girl eventually finds out the two men knew each other & had been friends. She feels betrayed, lied to by her two lovers, whom she had been led to believe were perfect strangers. This kind of discretion is probably good advice. They arrived at it by what they call a gentlemen’s agreement. This reveals another aspect of love, the chase. Their competition to win fair lady’s heart has to do with their opinion of the worth of winning it. They would do anything in their considerable powers. It would not go too far to say they are slaves to this woman they love & she plays with their hearts. It is a peculiarity of love that the woman never asks herself what is good for the men, but only what is good for her. It is a peculiarity of love that the men consider victory in their manly competition is consecrated by slavery to the woman.

These two fellows were friends in the beginning. They are both men of action & disturbingly good at executing battle tactics. In fact, they might have done some good for their country. Then the peculiar exclusivity of eroticism took over, brotherly love be damned, & the passions that stir in man’s heart were let slip.

The other Valentine movie for girls.