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The Hunger Games 1

Some notes on how the many oppress the few

Machiavelli infamously asked that republics resort to notable executions every ten years. This would satisfy popular hatred of the ambitious under pretense of justice. & prevent the people from growing complacent by arousing their fear of death, recalling the terror of the beginning.

This story […]

Clash of the Titans

Some notes on laws & heroes

This is a movie about how the beautiful gods of Olympus convinced the hero Perseus to save them from the ugly gods of the underworld. The beautiful gods are an image of the laws. Thus the aloof young man Perseus, whose pride is humiliated because he is fatherless, […]

Broken Arrow 2

Some notes on infamy

The major reflects he has killed for the first time. He distinguishes men killed by bombs from men killed with his own hands. Well, this man is an American citizen, whereas the others had all been foreigners. He is killed in times of peace, those others only in war. Now, […]

Broken Arrow 1

Some notes on manliness & patriotism

The movie starts with two officers in the US Air Force fighting in the ring. The major outboxes the captain even as he gives him pointers. There is a contradiction here: fighting to win means doing harm to your enemy. Teaching him means doing him good. What if […]

John Carter

This is the account John Carter gives of his exploration of Mars. He first encounters a race of nomadic warriors. Their only art is the art of war. They kill offspring showing weakness at birth. The strong are only educated to speak. A reckless courage & great endurance of pain are their only virtues.



Some notes on men & war

This is the story of two brothers who fought each other in the cage. As boys, they were high-school wrestlers. Their father, a veteran whose mind failed him, beat his family. The boys became harsh; they ran. One lived with their mother & saw her ghastly end. The […]

Act of Valor

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

This is the story of a Navy SEAL Team fighting Islamic terrorism to protect America. Their first two missions are extractions. They have to rescue a captured & tortured American agent in Latin America; & […]

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Science & mystery for boys

This is the story of a boy who receives a secret, encoded radio signal, breaks into a NASA lab, & gets into a scuffle with the police over joyriding & crashing a car into someone’s pool. That’s just a Friday night. In a week, he discovers Atlantis, escapes its […]

This means war

Some notes on woman’s love

This is the story of a girl who gets everything that life in the big city can give a woman. She has style, a prestigious job, & her pick of the male population. She once lived in Atlanta, Georgia, still looks Southern, but lost the accent.

She goes with […]