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Safe House

Power & morality

An expert spy who betrayed America is captured, but by an unfortunate series of accidents, ends up in the hands of a new CIA agent, a Yale man at that, who has never faced danger. The spy is black just as sure as the agent is white; they’re in South Africa. The World Cup in soccer is playing.

Another game between nations is playing in the streets meanwhile. As the spies run around the city in broad daylight, we realize that this game between nations is not public. The players do not sport numbers, names or uniforms. It’s not so easy to pick a favorite nor clear who is good & who bad. We are not well-prepared to judge, but then again we are not experts on soccer either…

‘The black Dorian Grey’ is what the spy is called by one of his allies. That man also talks about settling down, not taking too many chances, just before he gets killed by the spy’s enemeis. The only other agent our agent sees calls his efforts a ‘rodeo show’ & expresses jealousy. Then he attacks him & they fight to the death. It’s not easy to put speeches & deeds together. Giving good advice you do not follow is imprudent, to say the least. Lying to people by telling the truth is also a dangerous pursuit.

The spy refuses to help the agent in his fight. He must survive on his own if he is to learn the worth of the knowledge of the spy. America cannot help the agent when someone’s trying to kill him. It didn’t teach him who might try. & all the disasters have happened in CIA places.

Necessity moves men, the agent learns. Those who cannot withstand the motion, die. The others survive by defending themselves & preempting their enemies. He sees spies who refrain from no crime, no injustice. The spy whom he chases is exceptionally good at this. He always seeks the advantage. However, he risks his life to save the agent, who risks his in return. As it turns out, there are rules to this game. Right & wrong still decide who you should kill, it’s just that there is almost no way find out which is which. The secret knowledge of who was really a traitor & who was not is what all these spies chase.

The boy once had a private life, a beautiful girlfriend, & happiness nearby, if not in hand. He abandoned it because his ambition took him to the CIA. He ended up a bureaucrat, but he wanted more excitement. Then the shooting started; he barely survives, because a spy is willing to sacrifice his life for him.

Popular movie, especially for fans of Denzel Washington or Ryan Reynolds