Table of contents

The Vow

Making promises

This is the story of two young Chicago artists. He is a musician who produces records. She used to study the law, but abandoned it in favor of modernistic sculpture. They get married in a modern art museum after a brief courtship; then they run from the guards. Disaster is inevitable: They […]

Safe House

Power & morality

An expert spy who betrayed America is captured, but by an unfortunate series of accidents, ends up in the hands of a new CIA agent, a Yale man at that, who has never faced danger. The spy is black just as sure as the agent is white; they’re in South Africa. […]

Band of Brothers I.9-10

On the end of war

Man is the subject of the only military speech about the end of the war. Some German general addresses his defeated troops upon surrender. (A soldier translates it into English for his commander.) The officer says he is proud to have served with his men, that they defended bravely […]

Band of Brothers I.6-8

The requirements of tactical success

Necessity prevailed: Again the Airborne was deployed as infantry, in early winter. Major Winters & Easy Company were again forced into trench warfare, fighting defense, encircled & fighting in all directions. Few of the first men were left & they no longer learnt the names of the replacements, who […]

Band of Brothers I.4-5

War operations

Complete victory attended Easy & the 506th in France. Half the men died, the worst losses of any regiment during the invasion. They had been trained to fight in horrible conditions, so they had few surprises, none unconquerable. They died as was necessary, as was expected of them, & as they had […]

Band of brothers I.1-3

Preliminaries to warfare

The greatest day of Easy Company, 506th regiment, 101st Airborne division must be the Battle of the Bulge. Surrounded by Germans, the men defended themselves successfully in very difficult conditions, surviving in the harsh winter & earning the glory of having fought off the last German offensive of WWII. This is […]

Schindler’s list 2

Some notes on poetry & history

History as it is now practiced will soon be forgotten, because it is the preserve of comparatively few specialists. Films, on the other hand, may endure much better. But film cannot be historical truth. The whole created by fiction cannot bear the weight of the facts. In a […]

Schindler’s list 1

Some notes on prudence

Oskar Schindler could not have been both a good man & a good citizen, Spielberg suggests. He finally chose to be a good man who started by acting for his own advantage. He understood his good differently than did the Nazi regime. Apparently, he judged independently even of the political […]

We were soldiers 2

On the hell of war

The 450 Army troops land in the valley in a place the military calls LZ X-Ray. They come in by chopper, spread out, & start looking for trouble. They neither know the terrain, nor the movements of the enemy. Soon they find a deserter who tells them they’ve come […]