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Law Abiding Citizen 1

& God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, & that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Genesis 6:5

A private man is attacked in his house. His family is slaughtered. He seeks justice, but is denied. He attempts to prove that corruption leads to destruction: He uses the weakness of the city to destroy it. He knows justice is a temple. He says he wants to bring it down. He calls this occurrence Biblical. – He says he brings total war, following Clausewitz: Victory is achieved by a decisive attack on the enemy’s center of gravity. He moves to the political core of the city.

A spy-assassin empowered by science, he adds cleverness to military virtues. You would not know him by looking at him; by the time you figure him out, ‘twould be too late. We are civilians, we dare not face the necessity for this ugliness. Our lives make it impossible for us to know men of peace from men of war. Prudence asks: Is this man our friend or foe? He used to work for the government; what was his reward?

This man of heroic proportions mercilessly brings to bear on the city the full force of the conquest of nature. Science is power, after all. This new man is an atheist. The people’s lawyer tries to shame him with the memory of his dead family, but he answers: Dead people are dead. Anyway, the city did nothing for his dead…

Presumably, life is desire of power after power, that ceaseth only in death… A scientist, he knows the human being is weak, easily killed. As the explosions & the corpses add terror to death, it is very difficult to say we are justified in our luxury. Who would have thought, before terrorism became an urban concern, that the modern truce could be broken?

This avenger of the sins of the people knows how harsh justice must be to reconcile men to a harsh world. He has seen the people & their politicians & their lawyers pleased to be shocked at the news. They shake their heads & wonder how such evil could be. Their careers & lives are unaffected: It was a stranger’s family that got killed, & that’s his bad luck. What else could be done? This frees the man from any loyalty to people & laws.

People must come to fear death so much as to ignore death; & they must be compensated with prosperity & a subtle promise of immortality in order to be peaceful. Perhaps they will then no longer hold on to their own families. Then it will not matter to anyone what evil befalls another. – What’s strange is that no one saw that this man must be killed who cannot be given his vengeance. – For what could anyone in such a world be asked to risk his life?

For men. Find it.See it.