Table of contents

Sherlock Holmes

The detective as just man

Sherlock Holmes has become salacious. Sexual innuendo & casual vulgarity are added to what was supposed to be a gentleman. Nevertheless, at the end, he refuses to go with the woman. He has chased her throughout, finally catching her. He is aware of her charms, but her fate is […]

Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows

Trying to save mankind

The Great War is coming: Industrial-scale warfare & the massacres that led to the destruction of Europe. The ideology of progress is dying. But of course we know how this story ends. This is then the story of the failure of the greatest detective to prevent the greatest evil. First, […]

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Some notes on the distinction between lover & beloved

There is little story in this fourth part of a five-movie series; or maybe it is the first part of the fourth part of a four-movie series. Two events are brought to our attention. The marriage of the human being who is our heroine, Bella, […]

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Some possibilities of the executive power after the Cold War

Nuclear warfare is not the sort of thing that goes away. Mission impossible stories took their time to get to this old Cold War favorite–spy stories are strangely inclined to returned to their Cold War origins, it seems…–but they have come around to the […]


On making & making images

This is a story about the origins of cinema. The inventor of the movies says he did not invent them. That the first invention of the movies was a mere entertainment, a novelty to thrill people. He himself brought the second invention of the movies. He is a peculiar […]

The Wire V

On Progress

The new city administration quickly proves as incompetent as the previous. As corrupt, too. The new mayor keeps enough of the old administration to satisfy partisanship. Then he destroys the police to save the schools: Life under Democrats. But one-party rule is always a major political problem. Happily, the opposition party usually […]

The Wire IV.4-13

Making Patriots

Education is this story’s theme. Educating children is liberalism’s most abject failure. & liberals have promised enlightenment! Confronted with harsh injustice, liberal teachers prefer to flatter other liberals, on taxpayer money. Hence the academic jargon, bureaucracy, & federal programs. Consequences be damned.

Liberals misunderstand children. This teaches children that education is weakness […]

The Wire IV.1-3

The end of the world

The death of Stringer is a melancholy fact. Testimony to the weakness of all the plans whereby we contend with our nature… The irony of the death of liberalism is that it destroys its last exemplars. Stringer tried to become a businessman & politician, convinced that crime could disappear, […]

The Wire III.8-12

On political reasoning

A woman calling herself not naïve tells her politician horse-in-the-race that self-righteousness is essential to politics. She is an operator. She wants to add skill, diligence, & patience to politics. She specializes in winning winnable elections. But she is naïve: She believes persuasion makes politics. She thinks money persuades people: Money […]