Table of contents

Wire III.6-7

On faith & fortune

Avon & Stringer now must debate how to live the life of crime. Avon believes in war & arms; Stringer in commerce & negotiation. Avon has already been to prison & would rather avoid it in futurity; & his long absence has weakened significantly the morale & discipline of a […]

Wire III.1-5

On the problem of war

We see the criminals & the politicians sitting at the same table, talking things over. The differences have been blurred. The dialogue is straightforward crony capitalism. It is not self-evident that government officials do better by helping criminals turn capitalists than by living the political life. Criminals are a […]

The Wire II

On the American character

One cop previously told another: the criminals eventually win: they get beat for failure, we get pensions. Total war is against the American character. Policemen can hardly face murder. The politicians on top know this. This is why it is necessary to punish great cops. Nobody wants to live with […]

The Wire I.10-13

On the nature of man

Revenge is the only unambiguous motive for justice we are shown. Revenge moves Omar & Bubbles to help the police catch Avon. Freamon uses revenge to get the cops to do their job after Greggs is shot. They would rather have been depressed, grieving her prematurely. Freamon gets them […]

The Wire I.5-9

On the laws

The cops are trying to find the man behind the drug operation. Avon has been outsmarting them for some time. He wants anonymity. His example shows the tension between the private life & law enforcement. This is a weakness of liberal regimes: Formal rules limit the police & hence empower the […]

The Adventures of Tintin

The young man’s education

Steven Spielberg has come back to directing. But movies go forward, & so now he makes 3d-movies, like James Cameron already has, like Martin Scorsese soon will. It is fitting that his film should be the adventure of a dashing boy, who beats people up who want to fight him, […]

The Wire I.2-4

On political science

It goes without saying, had the war on drugs ever gone well, we would not even know about it nowadays. It goes badly. All this can teach us about ourselves. The only drug-addicts we see are disgusting creatures, barely human. The sellers are barbarians. They are fought by semi-barbarians & their […]

The Wire I.1

On the just

In the opening scene, a cop & a criminal are talking about a corpse. Neither seems to know who murdered the man. Neither wanted nor expected him dead. The criminal says he had a contemptible nickname & that every Friday he’d shoot crap with the rest of the gang, lose, & […]

Last Action Hero 2

The city & the poet

Unless he has apostatized, he must make sense put together, so to speak. At the end, his action hero is revived & revised, so to speak. Criticism voiced mostly by the boy is supposed to be fully resolved. Perhaps there is no explicit indictment because, as the action hero […]