Table of contents

Last Action Hero 1

On love of men & boys

John McTiernan has made only one comedy, a mockery of action movies, withering criticism of the kind of poetry that made his name. Apparently, heroes were always on his mind, who saw them even as the comic poet does. As far as he went high, so far does […]

Basic 2

On truth & lies from a psychological perspective

The word basic is used once. Our investigator tells the woman: Murder is basic. Everyone is capable of murder. This is the basis of conservative politics – man’s natural evil – & of all armies. The idealist woman is not a part apart from the evil […]

Basic 1

Man in the jungle

Briefly put, this is the story of a former soldier asked to investigate the disappearance of his former drill sergeant, who made Army Rangers. He took a half-dozen men with him on a drill in the Panamanian jungle; a hurricane hit; two emerged alive. There is a woman in the […]

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 2

The boy’s education

The teaching about the art of war is embodied in the war machines that look like men. The name terminator points both to killing & to reaching the end, which may mean death as well. But the word robot comes from labor. Together, they describe bleakly war. Those who do not […]

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1

The war of the end of the world

The education of the last hero of mankind is our story, who is supposed to defend man from science. This is therefore the story of the inevitability of war. In showing how men come to learn about war, the poet shows that war, or knowledge of […]

What Women Want 2

Women’s education & the necessity of lying

Nevertheless, our protagonist is the woman’s in-house contender, whose confidence & popularity go together. He moves with the easy grace of the successful. This may be slavery to mere conventions: A woman calls him a man’s man. Nobody so much as throws a punch. Behold the male […]

What Women Want 1

On money & sex

This is the story of an adult woman who takes over an advertising agency’s creative team in order to advertise properly to women. She seems the pinnacle of virtue. Her great success is a sportswear campaign offering women men’s carelessness in pursuit of manly play. Apparently, conventions of modesty & […]

A river runs through it 2

On thought & man

& he recounts this story about this brother: He thought back on what had happened like a reporter. He started to answer, shook his head when he found he was wrong, & then started out again. “All there is to thinking,” he said, “is seeing something noticeable which makes you […]

A river runs through it 1

On the importance of religion for happiness

Of the father, his son says: To him, all good things – trout as well as eternal salvation – came by grace; & grace comes by art; & art does not come easy… If my father had his way, nobody who did not know how to fish […]