Table of contents

Game Of Thrones I.4.1

The arts of war & the women

Stark’s daughter, engaged to the Lannister heir apparent, asks what fate should befall her, should all her children be daughters. She says the people would then hate her. She says she will never forgive her father, presumably for marrying her to the crown. She fears the order […]

Game Of Thrones I.3

The enemies of the peace

Law & justice appeared questionable in the North: As speeches, useless; as deeds, corrupt. Necessity, the inflexible way of the wilderness, is not a false teacher, though hostile, or at best indifferent. But it teaches merely how men are moved to survive. This makes the city appear wonderful. Everything […]

Game Of Thrones I.2

The wolves & their masters

Second, Lannister’s politics appears: The handsome prince is fucking his queen sister behind the Baratheon king’s back: Incest, adultery, lèse-majesté, & perhaps treason; & murder, when he defenestrates Stark’s young boy.

Indebted to Lannister, the king has better reasons than he knows to bring into the capital his last […]

Game Of Thrones I.1

Death & justice

Stories titled Game of Thrones or something similar already should tell us two related things. First, power is not what it seems, power is not straightforward. Second, poetic devices matter. The first device is repetition. Things never repeat themselves exactly, & then the differences matter more than the similarities.

First, we […]

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Science & power

A young man, a doctor, is attempting to cure the Alzheimer killing his father. He tells his employers that he wants to save the human race. He calls his cure a virus, more aggressive versions of which are soon required. He soon learns it first heals & then improves the powers […]

Cowboys & Aliens

Shoot first

The preacher looks the saloon-keeper in the eye & offers him friendly advice: get yourself a gun; learn how to use it. That’s the Old West, put briefly. Then he teaches him. He tells him God wants him to mind his business. People are practical here, not even talk of demons lasts […]

Friends with benefits

Friendship for pleasure

Two hipsters swear on a computer-generated Holy Bible picture: all they want from each other is sex. The story suggests God does not enforce hipster oaths: That the iPad generation cannot distinguish the thing & its image. On to the sex, the male cannot distinguish pleasure from pain when women start […]

Die Hard 3

Liberals & War

Few poets were less inclined to flatter America than John McTiernan. It is necessary therefore to show his mind on America going to hell, not merely because he seems to have given it much thought, but also because it shows the pessimism that must have been overcome by the poet who […]

Die Hard 2

On prudence

Evil is introduced in an unusual manner, in the character of Alan Rickman, a German terrorist. This is an obvious mistake: Americans do not fear & have nothing to fear from German international terrorists, who do not exist. Muslim terrorists are the devil we fear, but they would not serve this story.