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Bad Teacher

Sex & injustice

On the day she supposes she has enslaved an idiotic millionaire, the teacher, careless of her students, says she will miss them. She tells the faculty she’d avoided she regrets not knowing them, & that she will never teach again, but that she feels she has learnt how to set an example. She renounces teaching for marriage, but loves neither children nor men. – A woman who loves pleasure immoderately.

The good part is, she is not a joiner; she is beautiful, wants to be loved, & is shameless about jobs, people, & sex; & she has a gorgeous thirst. The bad part is, she lies unconvincingly; she is arrogant, careless, & acquires a bad reputation; & she wants a boob job.

The good is her good primarily; she pursues it relentlessly, if not particularly ably. Her good is bad for the people she meets, who are deceived into think the beautiful good. The poet needs to teach such women how to satisfy private desires without angering public opinion. – How to conceal injustice. – He asks, is a bad teacher immoral or incompetent?

Anger is caused by vulgarity & immorality; poetic justice resolves it, seeing people get what we were taught they deserve. Lust is caused by naked women & relieves us from the morality that taught us shame. Comedy puts these two together. Comedy is the concealment of the teaching about injustice behind the show of immorality. The success of this concealment is a teaching for the shameless. Hiding evil behind evil is Machiavellian wit: It is educational insolence. The woman tells the school principal: Movies are the new books. This means movies are better – more popular, more persuasive – but should be treated like books.

Her arousing carwash show causes a spectator policeman to crash his car. Kids’ fathers get excited suddenly. She starts taking & requiring bribes, exploiting suburban liberals’ love of good grades & ridiculous piety regarding teachers. She pawns the lost&found & recycles. She cheats the state tests successfully & destroys her prissy rival. – All for the money. – She is a criminal mastermind, says her rival.

She teaches that people abandon decency for sex; that the lover’s self-delusion is the beloved’s advantage. She ends up a public person, running the school & corrupting the only decent teacher there. This seems an improvement over the previous situation. She learnt there is something more important than money: Power. This is how you corrupt an order; how do you install a new order? It is an ancient teaching that sex leads to tyranny. It is unusual to see tyranny applauded. This seems to be because only sex tyrannizes with consent. This seems to teach that all successful rule is immoral

For the admirers of Cameron Diaz.