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Science & summer blockbusters

Apparently, this is the way of things: There is a kind of metal planet transformed almost beyond recognition by engineering by a race of scientists, what we call robots or machines. & they are of two kinds: The former are said to be self-controlled; the others are said to be deceptious. The former are good; the latter evil. The former are defeated; the latter victorious.

Evil triumphed & because good was too good to relent, that planet was destroyed. Apparently, moral struggle is blind to compromise. This is probably why good was blind to evil – & therefore easily deceived – they are too serious & at the same time too naïve. We call that quality spiritedness.

This young man is unusually popular with Americans. Everyone chases beautiful women: He chases war, already having a beautiful woman. We earn the substance of our ambition: It simply falls in his backyard. The enormously powerful robots are guns, muscle cars, & beauty wrapped up into one continuously changing device. A little girl sees one of these huge robots emerging from her backyard; she asks him whether he is the tooth fairy…

These robots fight over the thing which gives them being. Now, we call this soul, the subtraction of which makes us beasts or corpses. What is it for them? In animating electrical devices, it makes them angry creatures that attack anything around them. Their self-defense perhaps, makes them incredibly aggressive & destructive.

Our high technology, for example household appliances, is said to be derived from these horrors of science, but domesticated, one expects. It is not clear then why any of them would be good, when all are or have weapons of war. They appear utterly unsentimental: They do everything they can to fulfill their missions, they are incredibly hierarchical, & they go into battle unhesitatingly, to fight, kill, & die.

Their concept of strategy, needless to say, makes computer-game kids seem subtle. The good robot, simply called optimus, the best, offers to sacrifice himself to destroy this thing which gave them being. Luckily, the kid who is our protagonist realizes that that noble death would still leave him to fight those horrors, so he rather uses the thing to kill them…

Optimus is the only one who shows regret for having to kill his enemy. He is also the one who has learnt that the robots can never go back to their planet: Their home, their independent being, is already lost. Now they must serve the human beings & make a home with them. Prompted by necessity, the pretty girl who accompanies our protagonist chains a mutilated robot to a truck & now he can shoot on the move again.

The most entertaining patriotic movie in some time